Finally it begins..

June 23, 2010 § 4 Comments

I started with my book. First chapter is almost done. And I can’t think of second one. But I’m happy that I started atleast. And re-reading it makes me proud. Hardly anyone will see it. Few would know about it. If I had a month or two, I might just even get around to finishing it. Of course I would have to come up with a real plot before it. But whatever, I got around to jotting something down, it’s more than enough for now.
I’m making few other changes in life as well. Like Work balance. Instead of getting in late and staying late at work. I’m now trying to get in on time and leave on time. Which also means I’m trying to give up my bad habit of sleeping til late in mornings. I’m still not rising at 6, well, maybe one day I’ll.
I’m also seriously considering all the proposals my parents send my way. Not that I like any of those, but the fact I’m considering marrying is a big big change. And it’s serious this time. Yes, I said so before and then I freaked out. But I’m staying put now. So all of you eligible guys, contact me 😉
And of course, Ignoring annoying people at work continues.

Life’s good. can be better. But still good 🙂


§ 4 Responses to Finally it begins..

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