Point and Shoot

Should we have a photo blog?? Maybe?
Why don’t you tell me…

My creation

1. Jaswant Thada, 2. smile darlin smile, 3. Old Stairs, 4. Clouds.. aren’t they beautiful, 5. First Peek, 6. Mist and No Mist šŸ˜›, 7. sun and clouds, 8. Its so cute, 9. Shimla089, 10. Carpet Holders, 11. Gadsisar Lake, 12. Rest, 13. cenotaphs, 14. starfish, 15. Untitled, 16. friends providing support, 17. Hookah anyone?, 18. Sydney Harbour, 19. Untitled, 20. live katputli, 21. Sydney_100, 22. sunset at Fatehpur, 23. Sydney_036, 24. old with older, 25. Sheesh Mahal, 26. Umaid Palace, 27. Sydney_184, 28. On your way home, little ones, 29. Kumaon Beauty, 30. Henna, 31. Don’t you just love the sky in this……., 32. flowers, 33. Untitled, 34. Sydney_189, 35. Sydney_101, 36. Little Birdie


§ 4 Responses to Point and Shoot

  • sachin says:

    sheesh i knoww….that’s one off for long time i am a useless guy :/

    i was referring to a dedicated photoblog with some tidbits attached to it

  • sachin says:

    nice collage photoblog is cool..i had started it sometime back as usual went form regular to irregular :/

    have i seen any of your photoshopped pics?

    • Another Dreamer says:

      irregular.. You haven’t touched your blog since Switzerland updates…
      No photoshopped stuff yet.. all of sudden, I seem to be biz šŸ˜›

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