Weather is for rich people..

July 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes, it is. The ones who can afford Air-conditioners always complain about summers. The ones buying expensive leather overcoats will complain about winter. No one will ever care about the guy on road side who died because of heat or cold. Why should we? After all, it’s not our fault he’s in such situation.
Why can’t he take shelter in some warm place for winters or drink some water in summers? So what if clean water is a luxury afforded to few. So what if no warm places exists for poor. So what we really don’t want to know about it?
It’s monsoon time again. It’s time when we complain about humidity and worry about shoes in mud. And it’s time when poor families struggle for plastic sheets, so that their house can stay dry.
Weather which is universal and is not owned by anyone, is only for people who can afford it. With the divide between classes increasing, don’t you think it’s unfair that a person who can’t even afford 2 times meal now needs to worry about weather as well?
We are the ones increasing carbon imprint, supporting companies like coca-cola, wasting electricity and water. Yet the ones who suffer in end is someone else – Someone who doesn’t really care about global warming or gm food, someone who just wants to get through each day alive.
We are murderers. Each time, there’s a news about someone dying due to extreme weather, look at yourself in mirror and count in how many ways you contributed to it.
There’s still time. Stop. Help others. Help nature. Let’s get humanity on track.

PS: yeah yeah. I sound too preachy. 😦 But atleast I’m taking baby steps. what about you?


Why would you believe that a stranger can lead you to God????

November 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just find it strange..
A person decides to preach what I’ll call basic courtesies and all of sudden 1000s of people are following him.. Most of these preachers are frauds.. They live off your money and yet you leave behind your education/family to follow them. You decide to adopt life style stated by them, even though same has been said by your scriptures for years…
Is it Idiotic or what????

No Sant/madhvis for me please.. I can do a better job of screwing my life by myself.. 😛

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