Do I miss Twitter??

February 10, 2012 § 7 Comments

Hell yeah… I’ve been offline for just 3 days and As my anxiety gets better, I’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms.
Here’s top 5 reasons I miss twitter:
1. People are walking so slow in front of me and hogging whole footpath. Then there are stinky people on Tram. Then the scary drunk lady on tram – And I can’t whinge on Twitter.
2. I had to pay Uni fee. I’m broke as hell and I can’t share my pain.
3. Amazon stopped free shipping to Australia. THIS. PAINS. ME. SO. MUCH. And to think, no outrage outlet.
4. I lost 3 kg. Can’t brag to other people with body issues.
5. I went to central to get money out and forgot debit card at work. Such a #FML moment and STILL. CANT. SHARE.
Most importantly,


Create your own Twitter Background..

August 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

..with minimum fuss.
Twitter lets you upload your own background. Only caveat is it needs to be less 800kb. One option is, of course, upload your own image. The other is why not spice your image up.
Before we start, here’s the disclaimer – I’m affiliated to the product used here. 🙂
So, the other day while I was testing, I decided it was high time to have my own personalized twitter background. Now, do remember I like things loud and colorful. My fav era is 60s and 70s. So I wanted a background which is all of these. My laptop just got formatted, so it was software-less. No Photoshop. No Lightroom. So, I decided to experiment with new’s Editor. (even though I have an account with them, you really don’t need to log in or register for this). Here’s how I did it.

1. First thing first. You need an image. I chose my shoes image. I like traveling and nothing says traveling like shoes. Plus, they are so 70s and I’m in love with them.
2. Launch in your browser. Go to Online Tools->Photoshop Express Editor.
3. Click on ‘Upload Photo’. Choose your image from the browse window and click on open. You’ll see Editor with your image.
4. Now, you need to decide on what image size you want. Most screens are 1024X768 and above. I decided to keep it 1400X900.
In Editor, Click on Resize option (Left Pane). Click on Custom in buttons below image. Provide width as 1400. It’ll automatically calculate Height based on your image’s original size.
5. We have the perfect size now. Now the fancy stuff. Click on Decorate in top of left pane. (It’s right next to Edit)
6. Click on Frames to get options. Select any one you like and click on Add. Now your image has a fancy border. Click on Expressions to select any one that you like. Same for other items or text. Just select and add to image.
7. Use your mouse to move the objects wherever you would like to see them on your background. Transparency options let you decide if you want these objects to be opaque or bit transparent.
8. Once you are happy with your background. Just click Done.
9. Choose Maximum size from the window and click on Save. In next window, provide the name and location and You are Done.

All that Facebooking and Twittering is really not bad

February 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Read here..
And I thought I was too much involved 😛

Think, Tweet and Voila.. Truth is out there

February 18, 2009 § 3 Comments

very interesting article on how Twitter is changing search and brand Dynamics..
I should know. I monitor our product related tweets everyday.. It always helps to know what a user is thinking about your stuff..
Of course, I’m, somehow, not so regular on it.. I’ll try harder.. reallly

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