Update Time

April 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been a really long and stressful fortnight… Sometimes too many things fall into places..
I’ve finally decided to move on. It’s a scary thought and family reasons demand I stay at home. But my parents are sweetest. They supported my decision and are more happy for me than myself. so yayy..
Work’s been exciting. I was offered new opportunities, something right up my alley. Sadly I had to turn it down. My bosses have been extremely supportive. So fun time.
Personal front hasn’t been so good. Me and A got back together after 3 years. And guess what, same story. So after a week, I’m crying about same thing. But considering I’m bit smarter now, it’s already a part of history. Of course, I was hurt and much whining was done on weekend.. Sometimes you just hope things would work out and sometimes they don’t. Life!
Apart from that, It’s Dharamsala this weekend and 2 weeks later, I’m off to Hyderabad for a wedding. Not to mention, all farewells, catching up and get-togethers in between with little bit of shopping. And of course, I get to choose my gifts. So hectic hectic.. 🙂


Judge Much?

April 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

Easiest thing to do as a human being is to judge others. Each generation starts with a set of values and everyone is judged against this set. Go astray from this trail and 100 eyes follow you with disdain. So we play nice and stick to validated paths. How sad?
And it’s not just the older generation who passes on these judgments. We are equally responsible. We do it everyday, with everyone. Bad mother, slut on metro, irresponsible father!! How many of these labels did you pass in last one week? How many were really deserved? How many were based on your archaic idea of behavior?
I get it. It’s easy to put a label on a person without really getting to know her/him. And of course, it’s tax free. No one needs permission to do it. It provides cheap and easy entertainment. It also gives you a new topic to talk about.
But have you ever thought about the aftermath, the result? The fact that you just reinforced an idea that some of us have tried centuries to fight?
Worse are women. Labeling other women because of clothes, smoking habits? Really!!!
Colleague comments about a girl she saw in metro, who was openly displaying her bra straps. According to this colleague, that girl should’ve dressed appropriately and she was inviting men to molest her.
100yrs of women freedom!! This is what we have in the end. Someone fought for you to have right to vote. Someone fought, so you could be educated and treated equally. And you repay all that by repeating obsolete ideas, Making sure other women (like your friends/daughters) stay down. Shame on you. Right to be equal, to stand up on our own is Huge. Don’t throw it away just because society says women need to behave in certain manner. Stand up for yourself and other women.

Priorities and Decisions

March 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sometimes I wonder if someone somewhere is having fun on my expense.
Everyone knows how indecisive I can be. I’ve spent years trying to figure out what I want from life. This time I thought I got it right. Opportunity is there. Interest is there. I, somehow, convinced myself to take the required plunge. Risk it all, I said. And I was excited. I so was.
But Family situation requires that I stay where I am. This is not the time for risks. Not that my family would ever tell me not to take them. I know they’ll be happy for me, if I decide to go ahead with it. But I know I need to be here for them. So, pack the dream in a box and wait for right time again. Hopefully, it’ll come again. And soon, it’ll be.

Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

March 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

Farseer Trilogy: Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin, Assassin’s Quest
Rating: 4/5
Verdict: One of the must read for fantasy fans

How do you know you have stumbled onto something great? When you spend 7 hours reading, so you could know the whole story. And then you spend rest of the day just thinking about it.
This is what Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb did to me. Not in the beginning, mind you. It was good, of course. It was engaging, no doubt. But there was a slowness to it. Then I read next one in series. It’s end only meant that I pick up last one immediately and immerse myself in it. And by the end of it, you are a fan. Of the series. Of the Author.
While it has all the common fantasy elements – medieval world, Royalty, Court intrigue, Magic, loyalty, war, sibling rivalry; it still managed to be different. War is just backdrop to the story. Magic, just a tool. It’s characters in the series who shine out. It’s their story, told by the illegitimate child of prince. As a Hero, he’s not perfect. He stumbles and falls. He refuses to heed advice given by his mentors. But that’s what keeps you engaged. It’s the imperfectness of people that one identifies with. They are human and they make mistakes. Til the end. Of course, there are times when you want to yell at them about obvious stupid choices. And it’s only by the end, you realize how each of those choices developed those characters, gave them the strength to be what they should be. You feel their pain and the triumphs. This is what makes it such an interesting series.
Book begins with bastard child of king-to-be brought to the castle, which is ruled by one shrewd King (and that’s his name too). His kingdom includes 6 duchies which bicker amongst each other. On arrival of this child, his father abdicates his claim to the throne and leaves child in care of his stable master. This child catches eye of the king who decides to train him as an assassin like his own bastard brother. New king-in-waiting, his uncle, likes him but next heir in line of throne detests him. This child, apart from skill magic of farseer line also carries old blood magic known as wit. Wit allows him to bond to animals and skill lets him talk to his uncle using mind. This wit also causes people to mistrust him and even his death and eventual resurrection.
Throw in King’s murder by his own son, real king away on a quest and declared dead, war brought by enemy from far, lost love and you have a trilogy. Engaging read and somewhat dark. End was very much a surprise. And you should be reading the series to find out what it was.

Equality and Guys..

March 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

This one is for guys – How many of you were always told to open the door for ladies? or empty seat for them? How many of you still do so? what about paying for dinner? How many believe a guy should pay?
These are strange times. The values/teachings that we grew up with are probably not so valid anymore. As we go more and more closer to much-discussed equality of sexes, such lessons get blurry.
As someone recently pointed out to me, why should a guy pay for the date? or give up seat for a girl?
Maybe I’m old fashioned. Yes, I’m independent and blah blah. However, I still believe a guy should give up his seat for a lady. It’s just common courtesy. Is it biased? Yes. Should it be abolished? I don’t know. This is something which was taught in my house since we were kids. Guys do not hit girls. Guys shouldn’t be sitting if a girl is standing. Maybe with all the talk of equality, I shouldn’t ask for this. Maybe.
Same goes for a dinner. On first date, I expect the guy to pay. Of course, I’ll offer to share the bill. (To be frank, If I don’t plan to go on second date with him, I’ll insist and definitely will pay my share) But somehow if the guy agrees to share or let me take care of the bill without much resistance, he loses points with me. Again, being old fashioned. But don’t you think there’s a charm to letting a guy be a guy?
One of my ex had a thing about dropping me off to my door. He would climb up 4 floors with me, just to see me open the door and get inside. Another one would wait downstairs til I call him from house and tell him I’m safely inside (1 floor only)
These examples look silly. But to me, they meant these guys cared. They took their protective side bit seriously, of course. Then again, do you see me talking about anyone else I dated? To this date, it remains one of the nicest things they did for me.
What does it mean then? With all the talk about independence and feminism, I’m somehow still bit old fashioned.
So while I expect to be treated as an equal, I also want to be treated like a girl. No wonder, guys find it so tough.
They have to be everything now. And worse part is not everyone appreciates old-fashioned courtesies. Some girls scoff at guys who open door for them. Some scoff at ones who didn’t do so. Poor guys. My sympathies are with you.

New relationship or still in Old one?

March 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Have you noticed how we remember people by specific instances? Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
e.g Most people will only remember bad things about their ex. Or only good things about old friends who somehow got lost with time..
Why is it so hard to be objective about past? Why do we always need to be judgmental about it?
And even if we are being judgmental, why can’t we ever let go of it?
Each time one gets into a new relationship, the expectations are derived from the old one. Good things that last guy did, sets the bar for new guy. Bad things makes you wary of similar habits in new guy. Poor new guy, most of the time he doesn’t have a chance.
Why is it that we forget to let go of this baggage before jumping into anything new?

So each time, you do something nice for me, I’m comparing you to the guy who did more..
Each time you ignore me, I’m comparing you to the one who hurt me..
Each time you make a promise to me, I think of the broken ones.
Don’t blame yourself, you never stood a chance.
For I was already out, even before I got in..

I can say No

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some times people close to you do things that disappoint you. Sometimes you do such things.
But there’s always an expectation that you would stand by each other’s side. Of course, you would. You love them. They love you. Little things don’t matter.
But sometimes you might not want to stand by them. Maybe you don’t agree with the decision or choice. Then what do you do? How do you make the other person understand your decision?
It’s disappointing when your loved ones refuse to understand your reasons. Once in a while I do wanna say no. Once in a while One might not want to follow in your line.
Understand their reasons. Just don’t walk away.

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