So who are you today?

November 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

Sometimes I forget which stereotype I’m playing. There are so many.
At work, I’m the Indian Girl. With some Indian people, I’m the North-Indian Girl. With North-Indians, I’m the Delhi Girl.
At Uni, I’m the IT girl. At IT dept, I’m the Psych Girl.
With some acquaintances, I’m the Snob. With some friends, I’m the out-of-control girl.
Fun fact is I’m probably all of those and yet none of those.

You cannot define me by a stereotype that got passed down by some ignorant schmuck. You will have to make an effort and get to know me before trying to fit me in a box.
It’s possible I might use some similar stereotype. Remind me of my mistake. Fascinate me. Make me get to know you. Be it a boy or girl.
Make people get to know you. Get to know people. Most of us are fun. (And if somehow you are in the bracket that I ignore, either I am unaware of it or you are just not fun)


Lucky Me..

August 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

That I get to meet so many people that I would really rather not.
The ones that annoy me most are the fakers. I know we all fake personas from time to time. But really don’t you get tired of it. It’s amazing listening to people who go on and on about families and the sacrifices they make on daily basis by just turning up at work. Of course, they are assuming that you haven’t figured them out yet. Or that you haven’t overheard the phone conversation which says otherwise 🙂
Then you have the arguers. No matter what you say they have to take the other side and start arguing. Really, Can’t you just agree once? Or just agree to disagree?
Whiners. Some people just can’t get happy with anything in life. I got promoted, But money is less. I got a new car, but neighbor has a bigger one. What will it take you to shut up?
and what about the Hypocrites? Oh, I’m so righteous. I always stay true to my values. What are those values again? Didn’t you just bribe the telephone man or that policeman?
And of course, everyone already knows my opinions on these hypocrite vegetarians and religious people. No point repeating that.
And I do include all Coke-Pepsi drinkers to my list of hypocrite environmentalists.
So here’s the answer to so-called vegetarian who told me I’m killing animals by eating them. Yeah. True. But I never said otherwise. The day I can go vegan, afford all organic stuff at home and Reduce my carbon imprint to bare minimum, That is the day I’ll turn vegetarian. Til then as a principal I choose to eat animals. (At least I’m not killing them for my beauty products or handbags – which I think is more cruel and frivolous)
Justifiers. Sometimes due to society or certain circumstances, we get stuck in certain situations. While most of us just nod along and move on with our lives. There are those, who feels the need to justify to whole world that they chose the situation and how it is the right one. They’ll keep on trying to convince you. Of course, most of the time they are trying to convince themselves.

But very rarely, you find a person who embodies all these traits. Of course, I’m lucky enough to know one. Luckily, I don’t have to call that person a friend or anything. Interact, come home and forget. It’s amazing. I do feel sorry for the person and the family. Usually such things come into play when a person is really insecure or unhappy with self.

Anyways, why worry about trivial things? I need to start planning for my next vacation. Of course, It needs to be around my 30th birthday and of course, it needs to be a party place and of course, it needs to be on beach. So many of courses, no? 🙂
So lets focus.

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