New relationship or still in Old one?

March 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Have you noticed how we remember people by specific instances? Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
e.g Most people will only remember bad things about their ex. Or only good things about old friends who somehow got lost with time..
Why is it so hard to be objective about past? Why do we always need to be judgmental about it?
And even if we are being judgmental, why can’t we ever let go of it?
Each time one gets into a new relationship, the expectations are derived from the old one. Good things that last guy did, sets the bar for new guy. Bad things makes you wary of similar habits in new guy. Poor new guy, most of the time he doesn’t have a chance.
Why is it that we forget to let go of this baggage before jumping into anything new?

So each time, you do something nice for me, I’m comparing you to the guy who did more..
Each time you ignore me, I’m comparing you to the one who hurt me..
Each time you make a promise to me, I think of the broken ones.
Don’t blame yourself, you never stood a chance.
For I was already out, even before I got in..


Glorified Past

August 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today I received an interesting mail. A friend is planning to write a book on our school days. (Yes, I hear you. I kept talking about writing and haven’t even got past 1st chapter. I should learn something. But I digress.) So while thinking about school memories, I realized, we have glorified most of it. It was a normal childhood (ok, adolescent years), but whenever we reminisce, you would think we were the only ones having fun or with good friends. I’m sure we had our share of issues but somehow it’s all faded away. However, the hurt on the other hand seems so much better now.

While I believed my first heart break would kill me,
I’m still sitting here, typing away,
breaking few hearts on the way.
There are things I have forgotten, misdeeds I did.
There are people I can’t remember.
I’m sure it’s because they didn’t matter.
And there are friends with whom I still watch blockbuster movies.
There are friends who used to be best friends.
Now we talk only on birthdays.
There are friends who I thought would lose contact.
And even now we speak with each other every week.
Strange world we live in.
Strange memories we have.
I wonder after 10 more years, how much truth will remain in them.

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