February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Memories of your touch are fading.
I no longer stare at the ceiling wondering what happened.
Your name doesn’t make me angry anymore.
I do not wear your scent and miss the warmth.

Does it mean that our love was false?
Promises of undying and forever were just a lie.
Or is it that I have finally accepted my fate?
Years of pain and suffering have finally caught up to me.

This indifference scares me.
For I knew nothing, but to love you or hate you.
There’s an emptiness now.
And no touch seems to fill it.

I look around, I wrap myself in stranger’s arms, I just want to feel, Feel the passion again.
As the night draws to close, I lose the struggle and let the emptiness take over.
I really wanted to feel, I try to say.
But all that comes out is a cold breath.

I should hate you for this.
Hate you for this ici-ness.
But sadly, I don’t feel anymore.
neither the love, nor the hate.


Morning After

January 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

They sat across each other. Awkward silence. She was twisting her ring nervously. He didn’t know what to say to her. She didn’t either.
“Coffee”, she asked. “Oh yes, Thank you”, he replied.
Both wondering where the laughter from last night has gone. The passion, the urgency.

He looks at her and wonders “Was she really that funny last night?”
She’s thinking on similar lines “I could’ve sworn he looked younger.”

“So, any plans?”
“Yes, brunch with girls.” Relieved to be getting away.
“Nice. Have fun.”, Equally relieved.
They try to hug. More awkwardness. A passionless kiss.

“I’ll see you at mothers then.”
“OK. Don’t forget to pick up the wine.”

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