Things you should never ever write in your Matrimonial Ad…

March 30, 2009 § 2 Comments

1. You are virgin… For Guys –  Seriously!! for 30 somethings, its not something to be very proud of.. For Girls – This might mean, you are not. ’cause we, the Great Docile Indians girls, are by default one.. So Just leave it out.
2. How good Looking you are – people, we can see.. And your photographs don’t always agree..
3. How well you are doing in your career when the salary you mentioned falls in lower strata of given Career. It implies either your expectations are way low or you are little unaware of real world..
4. Languages you can speak- If you can’t write English properly, it’s a given you can’t speak it either.. Dun include it please.
5. Preaching – It’s ok to have beliefs or follow someone.. but in here we want to know about you, not about your god and how rest of the world is going to hell and you might be only left alive.
6. Decade old Expectations from spouse – I cant comment on girls here.. but for guys, If you want someone to cook and clean for you, take out a maid ad.. and If you want a girl just to take care of your mother, get a Nurse..
7. Britney is your favorite Singer.. I refuse to explain this one
8. Chetan Bhagat is your favorite author.. And he inspired you to write a book..
9. What an achiever you are – I don’t care if you won scholarship from Harvard, I would rather know what are you doing right now and what kind of person you are.
10. How Desperate you are – Now, this is scary.. All that love you have inside of you, that you want to share with certain someone.. too much of pressure


I dun agree

March 18, 2009 § 4 Comments

with (Great Indian Matrimonial Site)
If you click on same gender profile, this is what you see Get in touch with XXXX – You cannot express interest in members of the same gender.”
How mean is this? So Had I been interested in same gender, they won’t help me in getting married? Do I have no dreams? Can’t I wish for my princess instead of Knight?
I’m sad and hurt for my other self in alternate reality who might be leaning towards girls.. Babe, you need to work on it yourself.

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