Sharing Happiness

February 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Have you noticed how we always share our woes and pain, but rarely the happiness? (Ok, I *do* that). So I thought why not post when I’m relatively happy (Ok, nauseatingly).
I’ve been feeling better since last weekend. Been off the anxiety pills. Yay for me. Clearly Board games were a good influence and yes, that weekend was lot of fun and much-needed.
In the past week, I
– Saw Alain de Botton. So awesome. Another author to fan over.
– Went to 4 different places in one night. Yes, I’m young again.
– Went to Wine and Paella tasting at a winery. If it wasn’t for the heat, it would’ve been a highlight of the month. But free Sangria bottle more or less makes up for it.
– Slept for 12 hours. Beat that.
– Finished reading 5 books and saw so much TV.
– Met some awesome people.
– Also met old friends. And have started a new tradition with 2 friends that we’ll definitely do monthly lunch/coffee if nothing else.
– Not to mention, No hangover after whole night of G&T. I’m never drinking anything else again.

Clearly, my happy mood brings happy situations and happy people in my life. Uni starts from tomorrow. So excited about that. Will start stressing about essays and lab reports from next week.


Not a whine, I promise.

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

If anyone ever asks me about my most annoying trait – it would be mood swings. From a week of being sad and whiny, I can go to a week of being happy and bubbly. If you ask me about my best trait – it would be same, Mood Swings. After all, How many people find it easier to get so happy from being depressed within matter of days. No, I’ve checked. I’m not bi-polar. Yet.
That said, I did have mild panic attack yesterday. You know the one where you can’t breathe and you have to get out of the building. I’m inclined to blame it on my Low BP problem. But anyways, I was at Alain de Botton talk at Town Hall. Rushed out of the door the moment talk got over, just so I could buy his book and get it signed early. I was in a good spot in the queue and Bam, panic attack. Had to get out of the building. Take few deep breaths. Stand there for 10 minutes, thinking what to do. I decided to be brave and went back in to buy the book and did get it signed. Mighty proud of that, I am.
Yes, I should be worried that it could’ve been serious like last few times (I was shuttled to hospital and put on oxygen). But I’m being positive. I could see the signs. Took action. And managed it all alone. How awesome is that?
This also shows I’m in Happy week zone. I don’t why, but I am. I feel more relaxed and excited about future. Maybe because Uni is starting from next week or that I’m meeting old friends this week or maybe just because..

Being positive for a change

February 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

I lie in this bed, sick again. I look at my life and wonder if I made wrong choice somewhere. So many people tell me that I did, but I can’t get myself to believe them. That must mean I’m doing it right, no?
I know I should be upset about ex, being alone and somewhat friendless, pressures of work and studies, being broke all the time. But I don’t feel upset. Is there something wrong with me? I saw valentine episode of grey’s anatomy and all I feel is sappy happy. I still believe everything happens for a reason and while I have my down days, I cannot be pessimist all the time. Oh sure, I curse life every now and then (ok more than now and then). But I know I’ll find my rainbow at the end. Whether it’s a white picket fenced house or a shack at some beach, it’ll happen in its own time.
I guess it’s hard to accept that people can be content even things seem tough. And it’s not so tough anyway, unless you count unable to buy books at every whim or call your friend at 1 in night because you want to have ice-cream.
So maybe it’s the medication or maybe it’s my grown up genes or just this burning temperature, I don’t feel sad. I might in another 2 days, but not today.

Ps: ‘dream on’ is playing on my laptop right now.. Coincidence?

PPS: I want to call a certain ex and tell him he was wrong, my decision to go for psych wasn’t wrong. So he can fuck off. Being too mean??

Older, but not Wiser

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another year gone by. And what a year it was. From Heartbreaks to life changes, it had everything in it. I live such a soap-opera life.
Here’s a recap:
– I moved to a new continent.
– I’m back in school.
– Boy broke my heart. yet again. And in million pieces. You would think by now I will be wiser to it.
– Personal crisis in family. We are still coming to terms with it.
– Knee problem is finally diagnosed. And while I go through the pain each week, It does mean less ankle/leg mishaps in long run.
– I now have an enviable collection of OPI nail paints. (One girlie point has to be there)
– I also belong to apple slave category now. Phone, Laptop, iPod – yup they got me. One shiny gadget at a time.

And to top it all, few hours before my birthday I met Neil Gaiman. He not only signed my books and let me have a pic with him, he also liked my T-shirt and wrote Happy Birthday on one book. How awesome is that?

I’m still in fangirl heaven and it’s been 2 days :))

There were disappointments, of course. But I think at the start of new year, I’ll just ignore them or forget them if I can.

Here’s to me. Hopefully, one day I’ll be wiser.

Everyone needs little love..

September 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

..And best person to give that is yourself.
It’s great to be in a new place, learning new things, meeting new people. But it does get lonely at times. Esp if you are just trying to get over another heartbreak. Add massive weight-gain to that and you know you are heading down-hill.

So what a girl does to cheer herself up?
Here are things I’ve been trying and stuff that makes me happy nowadays
1. Shopping – Shopping in Australia is tough. It’s just too expensive. So I turned to one of my favorite affordable brands which is ASOS. Pretty clothes, fun bags.. I’m so ready for spring. Add few more online sites. Few sales. And I’ve a new wardrobe. I also have a new favorite work wear brand -Raoul. Such brilliant and comfy formal clothes.
2. Macarons – I’m yet to try all the note-worthy macaron places. But it’s fun discovering them.
3. Straight Hair – My heartbreaks are usually followed by extreme hair cuts. This time, I decided not to lose the length, just the look. I was reading up on different hair straightening options and came across Japanese HS. It’s bit expensive than others (ok, lot expensive), But unlike HS in India, it doesn’t leave your hair too dry. I went with Shiseido HS which basically uses Shiseido products. Process took about 5 hours and 10% of my pay. And it’s so worth it. My hair is so soft after washes and less frizzy and they look just awesome.
4. Jelly Beans– I’m never without them. At work, at uni, in trams, in queues. Sugar Rush is still the best
5. Compliments – From co-workers to people in Bar, It just brighten ups my day when someone tells me something nice. I esp love the reactions when people find out my age. Thanks for good genes, Mom n Dad.
6. New apartment – We are moving to new place by end of this month and I’m so excited. I’ve already have my shopping list ready for my room. Wall-to-wall wardrobe, Ensuite with Spa Bath, Convenient location. I just love it.
7. Makeup – Somehow between Delhi to Melbourne, I developed a fetish for lip colors. I purchased quite a few from Singapore airport, then few here. And I’m so in love with them. My current favorites are Clinique’s Chubby Stick and L’oreal’s Infallible. This week I seem to be leaning back towards eye-liners and I already have few in mind that I would like to purchase.
8. Nails – I’ve discovered OPI. OMG, what colors. Just so pretty. I’ve about 20 shades sitting in shopping cart. And it’s taking all my strength to not place an order.
9 Dr Who – My fascination with Dr Who is now bordering on obsession. I’ve bought pens just because they have floating Dalek/Tardis in them. Horrible to write with, but I’m still buying more. Next one will have cyberman in it. I’m loving the micro figures assortments. Each packet contains 1 of the 10 figures. And I still buy them like a little kid trying to complete her collection. No, I’ll not give you extra figures. Next up on wish list is to buy 11 doctors micro figure set and then angels one or maybe both.
10 Sponge fingers – How did we not meet before, dear sponge fingers? They are now part of my morning coffee routine. And so yum. Not very sugary inside with sugar sprinkles on top. Love them.

Add books and beers to this list and you have a really happy girl.
Moral of the story is Boys break your heart, but shopping and food makes it alright. 🙂
So what do you do to make yourself happy?

Yayyy.. Back to former self

May 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m happy.
I don’t know why I just feel elated, stress free.
I’m happy at work. There are still who annoy me, but I’m somehow managing to leave it all in Office Building.
I’m happy at home. Having family around is not as irritating as it was few days back 🙂 In fact I’m missing my always-annoying brother
I’m happy being Single. Well, of course this means I’ve dates every weekend. And I can flirt with every cute guy I meet. So yeah, this was expected.

I know I should be sad/upset/worried about lots of things. But I’m done with everything. And I’m relieved and Happy 😛

Now the problem is I might run out of things to talk about (no complaining, no topics to talk about :P)

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