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December 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. And did you know that he writes such beautiful poems as well? When I read this one, I knew I wanted to look at it every day. So I ordered this as a little birthday present to myself from Neverwear
100 Words by neverwear and it’s a signed print 😀 😀 😀 (Can’t wait for it to arrive)
Have a read yourself –

100 Words by Neil Gaiman

A hundred words to talk of death?
At once too much and not enough.
My plans beyond that final breath
are currently a little rough.

The dying thing comes on so slow:
reluctance to get out of bed
is magnified each day and so
transmuted into dead.

I dream of dying all alone,
nobody there to watch me pass
nothing remains for me to own,
no breath remains to fog the glass.

And when I do put down my pen
my memories will fly like birds.
When I am done, when I am dead,
and finished with my hundred words.


Older, but not Wiser

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another year gone by. And what a year it was. From Heartbreaks to life changes, it had everything in it. I live such a soap-opera life.
Here’s a recap:
– I moved to a new continent.
– I’m back in school.
– Boy broke my heart. yet again. And in million pieces. You would think by now I will be wiser to it.
– Personal crisis in family. We are still coming to terms with it.
– Knee problem is finally diagnosed. And while I go through the pain each week, It does mean less ankle/leg mishaps in long run.
– I now have an enviable collection of OPI nail paints. (One girlie point has to be there)
– I also belong to apple slave category now. Phone, Laptop, iPod – yup they got me. One shiny gadget at a time.

And to top it all, few hours before my birthday I met Neil Gaiman. He not only signed my books and let me have a pic with him, he also liked my T-shirt and wrote Happy Birthday on one book. How awesome is that?

I’m still in fangirl heaven and it’s been 2 days :))

There were disappointments, of course. But I think at the start of new year, I’ll just ignore them or forget them if I can.

Here’s to me. Hopefully, one day I’ll be wiser.

Just another Milestone..

December 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Almost a week back, I turned 30. While it’s just number, It also means I’m supposed to behave more like an adult now and less like a teenager.
It also resulted in a freaking-out session by parents – “30 and still single!!!! what’ll happen to you? Why can’t you just listen to us?” and so on..
Luckily It also kinda gave me confidence to say No to few things. And decide on few more things
I’m more convinced than ever that I don’t belong in corporate world as a techie or otherwise. I also got to know that I still have a market value. (New job offers always increase your confidence. Don’t they?)
Need for a longer break is also stronger than ever. 1 year sabbatical maybe? Followed by something new.. I’m giving myself 6 months. Let’s see what I blog in June now 🙂

Good thing about having a birthday so close to new year is that one can have common resolutions. Well, mine are same as ever. Read all the books I’ve. Shop less. Save More. Be more tolerant. Be less annoyed by dumb people. Study.

Another Year Gone…

December 17, 2008 § 4 Comments

Older, but still not wiser…
Me thinks this is last celebration.. From now on, I’m forever in 20s… Age Freeze..

Its been an odd day..
Some friends were missed a lot,
Some surprised me with another side..
Some reminded me of old hurts
Some of new joys..

Its been an odd year too..
Some people were missed..
Family is even closer than before..
I understand finances better and my debts 😛
I discovered new authors who continue to be awesome..
I saw more movies than ever..
I made some nice new friends..
I almost fell for someone but it wasn’t meant to be..
I realized old chemistries are just old now..
I think I’m a misfit yet I manage to fit in somehow..
I made some decisions which will pay off in long run I hope..
Everyone I know is either married or getting married..
Married ones are busy having babies or planning for babies..
I realized there are some games I just can’t play.. whether it’s about politics at work or games in love..

Overall.. it was ok year.. Lets see how next ones goes…

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