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February 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Have you noticed how we always share our woes and pain, but rarely the happiness? (Ok, I *do* that). So I thought why not post when I’m relatively happy (Ok, nauseatingly).
I’ve been feeling better since last weekend. Been off the anxiety pills. Yay for me. Clearly Board games were a good influence and yes, that weekend was lot of fun and much-needed.
In the past week, I
– Saw Alain de Botton. So awesome. Another author to fan over.
– Went to 4 different places in one night. Yes, I’m young again.
– Went to Wine and Paella tasting at a winery. If it wasn’t for the heat, it would’ve been a highlight of the month. But free Sangria bottle more or less makes up for it.
– Slept for 12 hours. Beat that.
– Finished reading 5 books and saw so much TV.
– Met some awesome people.
– Also met old friends. And have started a new tradition with 2 friends that we’ll definitely do monthly lunch/coffee if nothing else.
– Not to mention, No hangover after whole night of G&T. I’m never drinking anything else again.

Clearly, my happy mood brings happy situations and happy people in my life. Uni starts from tomorrow. So excited about that. Will start stressing about essays and lab reports from next week.


What was that?

September 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been a weird week.
On last friday, someone asked me out in a bar. Someone just flirted. Someone told me I’m really beautiful. Yup, all in a night. Clearly when I am drink, I become more desirable. (Well, yeah, we already knew that.) My regular coffee place guy told me how good my hair looks. (More flirting??)
I decided I’ve a crush on a cute and plump lecturer who totally ignores me. (Do I detect old pattern here?)
I heard about blasts in Delhi. Luckily my father left high court (where blast happened) just 45 minutes before the blasts. I was shit scared when I couldn’t reach him. Then turns out he had no idea about them and was surprised I knew it before him. Power of Twitter??
Then I sprained my ankle and spent a day at home.
Today, It hailed on me. And its supposedly spring.
Of course, paper is still pending. I did write few hundred words though.

Now how am I supposed to take this week? Good week, bad week, just-plain-weird week?

It’s been a long time..

March 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

..since I blogged.
Apart from countless weddings and related functions that I was attending, I found time to get sick for almost a week.. Another Allergies Attack.. (AAA, I like sound of that.. I have
Somehow I’ve been more regular with Twitter.. Social networking brings out my nerdy side..
I’ve made some really important decisions of life..
One of them is to find out what I love doing and start doing that.. Right now, I’m leaning towards my own store, library, teacher, NGO, Marketing, PR, Sales, Project Management.. (turns out I like doing lots of stuff :))
Another one is to get married.. so process of screening out guys has started again.. I know I know, this is second time in last 2 years that I’ve decided the same.. This time it’s little different. Instead of meeting up guys chosen by my parents, I’m screening them myself.. So far, it’s been entertaining..
And somehow I met some really interesting people during all these weddings.. talking to few.. Lets see if I do have a good/bad news to share soon or not..
To be frankly it’s bit weird.. Last time when I tried it, I got literally freaked out.. which made take the vacation down-under.. Which in turn led to meeting G again.. Which made me realize there are few things in life I refuse to compromise on.. Which in turn led to a very unexpected No..
This time I plan to tread carefully.. Not getting freaked out.. just have fun on the way.. if it ends well, good.. if not, sorry mum, but I really tried 😀
I love being Indian.. but this is where I wish I wasn’t one..

Some updates..

February 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’m a CSTE now.. Even though I forgot to study (and 10 other similar excuses), turns out I still know more than enough for certification.. (And I know, I shouldn’t be bragging about it.. And like most times, I really don’t care.. I’m just happy about it..)

It’s V’s wedding tomorrow.. Spent last night with her.. functions start today.. No time to breathe til Monday Morning..

I realized I’m ready for wedding just not for marriage yet.. Can’t I have just that 😛

Mom’s back.. And its awesome to have her here.. And, of course, like always she got me loads of cool stuff (includes really beautiful saree)

No progress on work front.. Still investigating different tools and some maintenance stuff.. aaarggh

After accompanying different people for different shopping expeditions, I’m done for the year.. Next person who wants me to come along, ask on your own peril..

Things are just so stale at times..

February 13, 2009 § 5 Comments

It’s been an ok week..
Work.. nothing happening at all.. Which so sucks.. I think I should be looking for change.. Luckily, there are people who think I’m not so bad.. I’ve been offered informal invites.. Lets see if I decide to explore those options..

Home.. I’ve not been doing too well in past 2 weeks.. first it was fever, then cold, then stomach infection, then cold again.. Good thing is I lost 1 Kg out of 6 that I picked up in last 4 months.. Another good thing, I was able to contain stomach infection by taking care myself, without visiting my doctor.. Bad thing, I’m hating food at home.. Somehow I’m craving heavy spicy stuff that I’m supposed to avoid (like its a wonder)

Socially.. I can still rock clubs and party all night.. however, Hangovers are so bad now.. were they always like that.. I miss my Pune and Bangalore friends.. Not that NCR ones are not so nice.. They are awesome.. But just not the same..
I kinda miss Pune a lot these days.. Delhi is losing its charm except for shopping.. Delhi still rocks in this area.. Would be nice to go back and live there..

Personally.. Been unwell, too tired.. Trying to tie few loose ends.. Reading a lot again.. I’m again in Vampire phase.. So its Mrs Meyer today..

Overall.. I’m in I-Hate-My-Life phase.. It’s too monotonous for me.. I need something new, something exciting.. Any ideas?

The Month that was..

November 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m missing it already.. Though october was hell of a hectic week.. Not just on work front but also on personal one..
Being festival season meant loads of shopping and family and friends and gifts and sweets 😀
I also went to Thailand with H n R.. Phuket is just amazing.. I’m definitely going there again..
Met some of my relatives after almost 3 years..
Fell sick and spent long weekend in bed..
Spent lot of time in catching up with old friends.. was nice..
Did I mention shopping 😛

I wish Diwali would come again soon.. with little less crackers this time please.. and preferably no Blasts..

Naam Bade, Darshan Chhote…

August 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is the feeling I get everytime I go to elevate on some famous DJ’s night.. This saturday it was Aqeel’s 80s Disco Night… And If I recall correctly, not more than 5 80s nos were played.. Of course, rest of bollywood numbers were also limited to 3 hours and after that it was back to Trance that Elevate plays on friday night..
So, in nutshell, we paid double charges (it was 2000 this time instead of usual 1000), had to navigate through lot of sweaty people (A/c wasn’t working or maybe it was the crowd), got stepped on toes, all for nothing.. Next time I’ll stick to rest of not-so-fab desi clubs.. People are same everywhere – badly dressed, Drunk and Pushy.. 😛

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