Are you really my friend?

April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

The reason we are friends is that we get along nicely. We understand each other. Not completely but still more than rest of the world. So when you ask same questions each time we catch up and you refuse to understand my point of view, I wonder are we really friends?
You don’t agree with my life choices. That’s fine. As humans, we all have right to our own. But if you continue to bug me about it, you are crossing the line.
And then you wonder, why I don’t hang out with you?
Same advice given 20 times is not an advice anymore. It’s pain in neck. And it’s making me wonder why on earth we became friends in first place.
So be nice. be human. Stop being a wise-ass. Let it be. If I’m wasting my life, let me. It’s mine after all.


I need new friends..

March 25, 2010 § 5 Comments

..and single status is a must criteria.

I refuse to sit and chat about housing loans, high and low interest rates, how cute their kids are.. Aargh.. enough already..

All I want to do is go away for weekends.. and all I hear is excuses.. I’ll make new friends just to go on trips.

And while we are at it.. new friends must also be closer to 30 or above.. So when I mention some 80s sitcom and movies and music.. they can relate to it 😛

Plus I think I’m too old to understand this new version of sms language. Time is just time not tym, same goes for lyf and lots more

How are you today?

March 22, 2010 § 4 Comments

Very fine. Thank you.

That’s how I feel most of the time these days. I’m pretty close to Nirvana.. And that’s what scares me. Funny, right?
When I think about my life these days, I really can’t complain about anything.
I’ve an amazing Family that supports me through all my whims and craziness.
I’ve some of the best people in this world as my friends.
My work’s not great but it ain’t bad either. Which is more than most people can say.
I’m almost done with ‘things to do before 30’ list. Now I’m preparing one for 40s, so I can start on it.

I think the reason I feel content is that somehow somewhere (very recently) I realized that I was focusing more on petty things around me than on my priorities. And when I started thinking about my priorities, everything became ok. That’s all it took. Focus on important things and people in life.
So what Bitch at work made another nasty comment. Maybe poor thing is unhappy at home.
So what Someone else is earning more than me. Maybe he needs it more than I do.
So what she’s got a bigger house. Maybe her family needs more space.

I spent a day thinking and realized I’m not ambitious enough. I really don’t want to become a CEO.
I really don’t care about bank balance as long as I can buy things I want. And clearly I can.
All I want to do in life is to travel, read and meet interesting people. which I’m already doing. Yes, I wouldn’t mind longer vacations but then again, who wouldn’t.

So, Moral of the story is ‘Get your priorities right and focus on them. Nothing else matters’

PS: Maybe one day I’ll become a self-help guru and teach world my profound thoughts 😛

Another One Bites the Dust..

January 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

This time Victims were B & H.. I missed the wedding though (thanks to non-existent leaves) But Reception was as much fun… If you are on facebook and we happen to be friends, Check out pics.. (while you at it, Rajasthan pics are thr too :P)
B was happiest and craziest bride ever.. Strangely enough H was bit sober but yes, his smile was hard to contain.. 😛
Another awesome part from Trip to Mysore was meeting A and lil A.. lil A is 4 months old and is sooooo adorable…
And one more awesome part was hanging out with Bro.. Though we like to pretend we don’t like each other.. And we can never agree on anything.. But it was still awesome to argue with him..

And not to forget, view from 13th floor is still nice..
I did miss out on PH.. very sad.. but I think I’ll be going back in few months, so shall cover up then…

Why I miss my Girl Friends?

February 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

1. No more midnight snacks with 3 hour long chat sessions
2. No more another set of wardrobe to raid
3. No more giggling about nothing
4. No more complaining about other people’s clothes
5. No more instant coffee just ‘coz you look tired
6. No more comparing notes about kisses
7. No more drooling at hunks in cinema halls
8. No more show-off sessions of clothes you just bought
9. No more bitching about office bitch
10. and most of all, No more cheering you up when you are down.. or giving you a shoulder to cry on..

Living alone is fun, but living with your twin-from-past-lives beats it all

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