Nope, Don’t ask me..

April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

..for book recommendations.

I love reading. Everyone knows that. And I love telling people what to do. Most people know this too. But I really don’t appreciate being asked for book recommendations. Not because I don’t want you to read good books, Oh No. If I see you reading CB book, my first reaction is definitely to recommend a better book (well, any book to be honest). But because, I find it annoying. Here’s the list why it is annoying

  • I don’t know what you like. Books are like perfume oils. Same perfume oil smells differently on different people. Some like it. some hate it. So while I might like certain book, you might not.
  • Fact that you do not have a long TBR (to-be-read) list makes me wonder about your reading habits.
  • I have a bad memory recollection. Even though I love a certain book, I won’t be able to recall its name.
  • Joy of discovering new books. I want you to feel it. Whether it’s by browsing an online site/blog/twitter, you come across an awesome book or by looking at it in a bookseller’s shop. Or better in a garage sale or second-hand bookshop. Nothing beats this joy.
  • You really do not want to move out of your comfort zone. You have a favorite genre, you want to stick with it. I read 5 different genres at any given point. How am I supposed to know what you like?
  • If I liked you enough, I would’ve gifted you a book already which would be my recommendation.

That said, Some of my favorite books are recommendations by friends (few were actually forced on me, some were gifted)
So best solution is go on goodreads, perv on your friend’s reading lists. Join groups/book clubs. Read reviews. Because when you don’t like something recommended by a booknerd, God kills a kitten. Do not put God in such a position.


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