Play time. Literally.

February 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have found a new hobby. Yes, I really needed another one. It’s Board games. Oh yes, my childhood obsession with Business and Monopoly has now evolved into spending whole sunday playing Euro games/Cafe games with other adults. And it’s so much fun. I’m meeting new people, some are quite nice.
And I’m off to a weekend away to play uninterrupted with few Board-gamers. I’m still on learning curve. So People have to explain the rules each time I sit down on a table. But I’m getting good at it. And once in a while, I’m winning too. Though I’m worried about the time when I will have learned these and my competitive streak will come out. Ooh. Need to keep that in check. We don’t want to lose any more friends now, do we?
My obsession with arranging all my tiny players in order is already earning me the title of OCD girl. And just for the record, I’m not OCD. I just like things in particular order.
That said, I feel upset that I can’t afford to buy any games as of now. Maybe few months down the line. Not that I need another addition to my compulsion of shopping. Talking of which, I’ve not bought a single book in almost 2 months. How great is that. Also, No shoes or Bags. I feel so proud that I might go buy a little treat for myself.
Anyways, back to the board games. If I’m missing next week, you know where to look for my body. Certain holiday home in Philips Island. And you better take away their board games as punishment, that will teach them to kill me.


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