February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Memories of your touch are fading.
I no longer stare at the ceiling wondering what happened.
Your name doesn’t make me angry anymore.
I do not wear your scent and miss the warmth.

Does it mean that our love was false?
Promises of undying and forever were just a lie.
Or is it that I have finally accepted my fate?
Years of pain and suffering have finally caught up to me.

This indifference scares me.
For I knew nothing, but to love you or hate you.
There’s an emptiness now.
And no touch seems to fill it.

I look around, I wrap myself in stranger’s arms, I just want to feel, Feel the passion again.
As the night draws to close, I lose the struggle and let the emptiness take over.
I really wanted to feel, I try to say.
But all that comes out is a cold breath.

I should hate you for this.
Hate you for this ici-ness.
But sadly, I don’t feel anymore.
neither the love, nor the hate.


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