Just another Day

December 1, 2011 § 5 Comments

All in a Day-
Queensland passed legislation for civil Unions. A great day for Equal Rights.
Afganistan punishing women for trying to avoid Domestic Violence. A defeat for Humanity.
India discarding safety and still going ahead with Nuclear plans. Another nail in the coffin of environment and people.
And me, wondering when will this all end?

And then a fleeting memory of me arguing passionately about some issue like this and you teasing me with same passion about being wrong.

Some days are just too long.


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  • earthwire says:

    I have seen Nuclear power plants in India quite closely, and I am aware of the safety standards that they follow. They are closely watched by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Nuclear power stations at Madras survived and survived without any incident during the Tsunami. Madras was ruined quite badly during Tsunami, but, the plants could bear such a masisve tsunami. Most of the plants in India are built with Russian/US/Canadian collaboration (none with Japan :)). I understand that media is doing its best to misguide people, but, I would expect rational individuals like you to watch more carefully đŸ™‚


    would provide you with another opinion.

    Focus of India is not just defence. And as a matter of fact, we can’t import Uranium for defence purposes. Use of imported Uranium is very closely monitored by International agencies as part of a treaty signed by India. We have to mine our Uranium for that purpose I suppose.

    And I agree with your view related to Coke/Pepsi… I object to them as well… but you cant compare the two. đŸ™‚

    • Another Dreamer says:

      So what I understand now is that Nuclear Plants are safe. So the leak at Kakrapur shouldn’t make anyone worry. Right?
      And what about Uranium Mining complexes? Do they fall under Nuclear Plant purview? Here’s an interesting study about Jadugoda Mining operations – http://www.ippnw.org/pdf/jadugoda-health-survey.pdf
      Can you have one without another? I’m all for Nuclear Power. But can someone be 100% sure that Kaiga leakage will not be repeated or the Fire in Narora. Here’s another interesting article – http://princeton.academia.edu/MVRamana/Papers/264401/Safety_First_Kaiga_and_Other_Nuclear_Stories
      India’s biggest challenge is management. You cannot assure safety of people and environment, if there are loopholes in management.

      • earthwire says:

        There wasn’t any leak at Kakrapar… a leak would be defined as any contact with radioactive fuel rods or any breakage in the safety containers. Calling it leak is exaggeration. There are several health checks and monitoring of radioactivity level in nuclear power plants.

        What amazes me is that the people voicing against Nuclear Power Plants are always people who have never seen the plant from inside and who have never seen the safety measures. People who live in nuclear power colonies, all the scientists who work in close areas of the plant are never afraid. They probably know the truth more than those reading cynical theories.

        I have never been to a mining facility, and can’t comment with absolute certainty. But, India is not the only country mining Uranium. In fact, most of the fuel used in our plants is imported. We do have uranium mines and it does provide reactor fuel, but, often it has to be enriched before it can be used. The point I am trying to make is that the fuel we import for our reactors in a lot of cases comes from other “developed” countries. I assume that you would trust them for safety of their people, even if you are cynical of India doing good, which is fascinating.

  • earthwire says:

    I have often liked your post… but this made me wonder…

    “India discarding safety and still going ahead with Nuclear plans. Another nail in the coffin of environment and people.”

    What would your idea of safe power would be?
    Thermal: burning coal? Relying on a fossil fuel which won’t last forever… and it ain’t green either…incidentally, India has much higher percentage of thermal power used than rest of the world.

    Hydel? What about “Narmada Bachaao”??? It makes people leave the most fertile land (river banks) and settle elsewhere. Its one of the most costly investment in those terms.

    Wind? Have you tried considering how much of it is feasible in India? We have some windmills in India, but there isn’t enough wind to fulfill the needs of the country.

    Are we okay living in darkness and with huge power cuts? Because these might become inevitable if we don’t consider alternatives.

    And as a matter of fact, Nuclear power in India has seen a long and may I say, safe life now. They survived the tsunami nad earthquakes. It makes no sense to shudder because something happened in Japan.

    • Another Dreamer says:

      It’s not about what happened in Japan. And I agree my knowledge on topic is mostly what I have read on internet. So it might be wrong.
      E.g http://newmatilda.com/2011/12/01/india-nuclear-horror-story
      My inference here is that in India, Nuclear plants are not safe.
      I have nothing against Nuclear Power per say. But I do object to Bombs. Sadly, focus of India remains defense. Considering the neighbors, it is not surprising.
      One of reasons I staunchly object to Coke/Pepsi is because of the environment. Their factories have resulted in ground water shortage and barren land. Now nuclear plants are doing the same thing.
      It’s nice to hope that nuclear plants will be safe and there will be no impact on surrounding areas. But is it true?
      As long as, it continues to affect environment and people, I say it is not a good solution.

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