What was that?

September 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been a weird week.
On last friday, someone asked me out in a bar. Someone just flirted. Someone told me I’m really beautiful. Yup, all in a night. Clearly when I am drink, I become more desirable. (Well, yeah, we already knew that.) My regular coffee place guy told me how good my hair looks. (More flirting??)
I decided I’ve a crush on a cute and plump lecturer who totally ignores me. (Do I detect old pattern here?)
I heard about blasts in Delhi. Luckily my father left high court (where blast happened) just 45 minutes before the blasts. I was shit scared when I couldn’t reach him. Then turns out he had no idea about them and was surprised I knew it before him. Power of Twitter??
Then I sprained my ankle and spent a day at home.
Today, It hailed on me. And its supposedly spring.
Of course, paper is still pending. I did write few hundred words though.

Now how am I supposed to take this week? Good week, bad week, just-plain-weird week?


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