Procrastination and Me

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I should really be writing paper for uni. And what do I do? I get back to blogging.
One would have thought that by now I would have learned to prioritize. But No, all I have learned is to get better at procrastination.
And Uni paper is not the only thing I’m busy ignoring. I was supposed to start working out a while ago. And yeah, weight keeps on increasing, but I cannot manage to get myself inside the gym door.
Yesterday was an eye-opener. I finally managed to get myself motivated enough to go running. And I really went running. Sadly, it confirmed the fact that I don’t have any stamina anymore. I couldn’t even run 1km without almost getting a heart-attack. Yup, my first instinct was also to go and drown myself somewhere (Btw.. corresponding phrase in Hindi is so much better)
Anyway, everything said and done, I’ve decided to finish the paper by end of this week and start running everyday. Who knows I might just do 5km in few months. Also, to save my clothes untimely death, I would also now be controlling my dessert/snack intake (i.e. chocolates and macarons). I guess this would be hardest of three.
Wish me luck!


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