Desi Girl in Foreign City

August 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been more than 2 months since I landed in Melbourne. And it’s been hard, easy, fun, depressing, lonely, not-so-lonely.
First month was the hardest. It took me 2 weeks to land first interview and another to land a job. I know I shouldn’t complain. People have had it worst. In almost 8 years, this was my first time being without a job. I thought I would enjoy this time. I didn’t. I got depressed. Being away from family and friends didn’t help either. To top it all, break-up. I think this was the biggest blow of all. I left India secure in knowledge that things were strong between me and A. And first few weeks, it looked like we were managing it fine. Then out of blue, he said its not working. So that was it.
Then came work and saved me. Meeting new people, learning new things, shopping for work wardrobe. Yes, I was saved. I still was getting sleepless nights and teary eyes, but atleast I could get out of bed and get on with my life.
And then started my student life. Now to be thrown in middle of teens is not fun. But I love psychology. I love sitting through lectures, learning about various studies, being more aware of people day after day.
Now it’s been more than 2 months. I’m going to give induction to a new joinee tomorrow. That’s how far I’ve come at work. I’ve completed 1 assignment at uni, a paper is due in 2 weeks, another research I need to attend. We have just been approved for renting new apartment. Time is moving fast and thankfully in exciting way.
I still hate being lonely. I miss my friends and family. I hate looking at my mom’s face over a monitor and not being able to comfort her. And I so hate prices here :). Australia is soo expensive. I’ve taken to shopping online from US & UK sites 🙂
But it’s a start of a new life. And I can feel it’s going to be exciting one. Overall I’m happy I took this plunge


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