Another end of a Chapter

May 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

Today was my last day at current company.. After 5 years of slogging it out at at yet-another-software company, I decided to say ‘enough’ and move on.
I thought I would be happy.. Well til yesterday, I was ecstatic, excited. But today, today I feel sad.
So here’s this place where I spent more time than at my home. Here’s where I met some of the most brilliant people. Here’s where I fell in love. Here’s where I faced heart-breaks. Here’s also where I encountered (well dated) stalker. And we all know how that turned out. But, most importantly, here’s where I grew up. From an idealist girl to sometimes-cynic-sometimes-still-idealist girl.
How can I not be sad then?
I’m leaving some of my friends, some mentors, some crushes, some god-knows-whats… I think being sad is right feeling.

There are things I wasn’t happy about or I have felt bad about.. But today I would just think of nice things and be nostalgic..

Here’s hoping that everyone gets to work in a place where you come out with friends, not just colleagues.


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