Principles, Morals and all that Jazz

March 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

I like to think of myself as environment friendly person. I carry my own Mug to work, so I don’t have to use paper cups. I buy cosmetics only from fair-trade and cruelty-free companies. I carry my own water bottle, so I don’t have to buy plastic bottles. I avoid littering. And so on. Basically, wherever I have a choice, I go for the option which is friendly to environment.
So when I came across this link, you can imagine how guilty I must’ve felt. I buy over 100 books in a year. I looked up few more articles and it seems that cost of mining process and manufacturing of these e-readers gets offset in long run. I have always hated reading on devices. I love cuddling with a book. I love the way they smell, the way pages feel when you touch them. (Yes, I’m obsessed with books).
Now, here’s the dilemma. To be principled and get a e-book reader or continue to be stubborn and stick with paper books.
Scott Adams says principal is stupid. Surprisingly this makes sense on 1 level. However, if all of us thought in similar lines, forget about environment and lot of other changes which only principles brought around. Us girls, esp, shouldn’t forget this. How long has it been that we have been allowed to vote, work, be ourselves? It was on principle that someone said things need to change and kept on pushing til they did. It’s on principle that we say we will not be slaves. And it’s on principles, that we lend support to many even though things didn’t affect us directly.
Of course, you might argue, it’s because we are compassionate, we show support. It was because we were oppressed, we raise voice against authority. However I would like to believe, it was because of our morals. And these morals, in turn, formulate our principles.
And as far as Scott Adams is concerned, My take is I’ll be principled as long as my survival doesn’t depend on it. yes, I’m being a hypocrite here. But better that than suffer.
(And yes, it also means that the day I can’t afford greener options, I will simply switch back to affordable ones.)
So moral of post is “I’m going to buy ebook reader. Please donate”


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§ 2 Responses to Principles, Morals and all that Jazz

  • Eric Wilde says:

    The analysis at that link is incomplete, or at least glossing over a number of details in creating and disposing of the eBook reader (and its power source.) You should probably look for a second source if your motivation really is being environmentally friendly.

    • Another Dreamer says:

      Yeah.. but I looked up few more links.. while actaul numbers of carbon print of creating eBook reader are not available, it seems in long run, they would still be better. But yeah, I should wait for real numbers.

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