New Directions or..?

January 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Whenever I complain about being restless/bored, my friends respond with a simple statement – “Do something else then”.
But what else? U suggested making a list of things that I like and the ones that immediately pop in my head. Needless to say, when I started making this list, nothing popped in my head.
I tried taking tests to tell me where do my interests lie. They pointed to my current job. So turns out anything that is related to mathematical or logical field is good for me. Obviously this approach didn’t work either.
So what else?
While all this soul searching was going on, last month handed me a surprise. Chance to move to a new place and pursue something new.
Now, the worry is what if it didn’t work? What if after 7 yrs, itch is back? Too many what ifs, not a single answer in sight.
Changing your life is tough. Choosing the unknown is tougher.
So what to do now? Be sensible and continue as things are. Be a daredevil and just jump?
Decisions. Decisions.


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