My world is different from yours

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

“You are not in touch with reality”, my parents told me last week.
While I can go on and on about their refusal to look beyond their reality, I realized there’s a grain of truth in it. After spending certain years in IT industry or any specific industry (esp the one that pays well), your view about life becomes very limited. And not just us, it’s true about kids studying in certain urban cities and colleges too.
We don’t know real world. We complain about government policies, road conditions, long queues. But that’s about it. We don’t even know which policy is actually needed and which is not. How many of us are concerned that onion is selling for 80 Rs a Kilo today. Yes, it was a headline and that was about it. Are we affected? No. We are the generation that spends 500/-on coffee for two. How can a small vegetable make dent in our life style?
And it’s not just about cost/value of things. It’s also about how you look at certain things. For an IT professional like me, everything should be accessible via net. I can virtually live off internet. Shop, order food, chat, read, watch movies. Everything I need is here.
I forget at times that most people are not this comfortable with internet. I once dated a Doctor, whose idea of internet was to use hotmail and research work stuff. That was it. He had no idea about youtube and he wasn’t interested either. For me, it was a surprise that anyone can be that unaware about internet. For him, it was a reality.
People have different views about money too. While I cannot imagine not having perfect bag or perfect watch, most people are really not that much concerned with perfectness than they are with price. I used to get upset (still do at times) when people would try to skimp on few bucks or argue why they should pay certain amount. I never understood why one should worry about few 100 bucks when you earning in 5 figures. But, then again, it’s the way you look at money. For someone like me, it’s a mean to an end. For someone else, it’s the end.
Now here’s the big question. Whose demand/requirement is more important? And how can we bridge the gap between people, if we can?
I try to be less judgmental now(yes, it’s hard). But I still can’t relate to so many things and people.
Will I ever be able to?



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