Just another Milestone..

December 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Almost a week back, I turned 30. While it’s just number, It also means I’m supposed to behave more like an adult now and less like a teenager.
It also resulted in a freaking-out session by parents – “30 and still single!!!! what’ll happen to you? Why can’t you just listen to us?” and so on..
Luckily It also kinda gave me confidence to say No to few things. And decide on few more things
I’m more convinced than ever that I don’t belong in corporate world as a techie or otherwise. I also got to know that I still have a market value. (New job offers always increase your confidence. Don’t they?)
Need for a longer break is also stronger than ever. 1 year sabbatical maybe? Followed by something new.. I’m giving myself 6 months. Let’s see what I blog in June now 🙂

Good thing about having a birthday so close to new year is that one can have common resolutions. Well, mine are same as ever. Read all the books I’ve. Shop less. Save More. Be more tolerant. Be less annoyed by dumb people. Study.



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