November 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

I love Diwali festival season. Not because markets get too crowded. Sugar intake goes through the top. Too many unwanted calls.
But because, this is one season, people are generally happy. (Well most are). In office, day is concluded with random people wishing you ‘Happy Diwali’. In stores, banks, everywhere people greet you with a wish and smile. I love that.
I love it when everyone gets decked up. Seriously at times, its hard to see difference between lit-up balcony and a punjabi Aunti..
But hugs all around, people stuffing each other’s face with sweets, shiny sarees, lit-up houses and those big smiles.. How can anyone not like it?
And then comes Bhai Duj.. My uncles are going to visit us after a year (last bhai-duj to be specific). Mom is in Kitchen since morning preparing her brother’s favorite food, Fasting on the side. My brother has gone to visit my Aunt with my Dad. Being single sucks. You have no importance on day like this. Had I been married, I would’ve been fasting too and waiting for my brother to come visit me. (Ok, I wouldn’t be fasting but definitely would’ve been waiting)
Too bad, it’ll all get over today. No smiles tomorrow, no wishes and no hugs. 😦


§ 2 Responses to Festivities..

  • Eric Wilde says:

    The folks celebrating Diwali here looked so beautiful in their finery. I would love to be in India sometime during the festival.

    Anything you want from the states? What was that artwork, a Klimt painting?

    • Another Dreamer says:

      Make sure next year, you are flying a week early 🙂
      Yup.. did wanted an artwork,, I guess I’m replying late.. next time ll tell you early 🙂 thanks though 🙂

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