October 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s 2 am in night and I can’t sleep. This is the time I get my best ideas. Ideas about new businesses. Ideas for blog. Ideas for books. Ideas about life. Just random ideas. Usually I think about them for a bit and then fall asleep. Only to repeat the process and of course, never ever take an action. But today is bit different. Today I was thinking about my age and how my birthday is approaching.
In another 2 months, I’ll be 30. Thirty. Such a big number. And while few months back, I was upset about getting old, I feel relatively better about this number now. Maybe because I’m already telling people that I’m 30. Talk about taking bull by horn 😛
Anyways, so now that only 2 months are left, lets see how are we doing on life front:
1. Family – Mom had a surgery, so that was the tough part. But Dad was amazing. Unlike most Indian Dads, He cooked and took care of her and me (I was sick in between too). Hats off. Rest all is good. We are still arguing like every other family. And still sharing the laughs.
2. Friends – Still the best friends anyone can have. Though lot of friends moved away this year. I do get depressed at times, but then me being me, bounce backs happen.
3. French – Doing ok. Could be better, of course.
4. Dance – Ah, the joy of dancing again. In fact, found Milonga in Delhi. Few more weeks and I’ll be expert in Tango 🙂
5. Shopping – Was doing so much better. Then slipped last month and as usual, went overboard. Hopefully, will refrain til birthday now.
6. Travels – This was the most fun part of year. I could’ve added more places but due to family commitments, had to drop travel plans of this month n next.. Anywayz, Maybe next year.
7. Work – Been ok. My Boss left company (and can you believe it, I miss him at times :P) New one’s not bad at all..
8. Photography – I got my DSLR and m so loving it. Buying Lens is pain as Pentax stuff is not available in India. 😦 Btw I also got certified as Photoshop CS4 ACE. Of course there are people who say it’s pretty easy (Yes, someone at work said that. No, that person is not one) For me, It was tough considering How less time I spend on PS. Plus, I’m horrible at such stuff. (Yes, there are things I suck at)
9. Other hobbies – I started again with embroidery. And it was so good to do it after such a long time. I did attend workshop on bakery. My cakes still suck. (Ah, the homely me). Reading, Movies, TV Shows are all going good as well. I wish I could do more. But then, I would need 48 hours in a day.
10. State of Mind – Zen Like (for most part). Of course, I still get annoyed, but much less than before. These days I just repeat this mantra – “Some people will always be mean, you can’t do anything about it. So just ignore and continue enjoying your life.”

Now the sad part is, too many people know this blog now. I can’t rant here properly anymore. 😛 (Ok, That’s a lie. Fortunately, I don’t say anything behind anyone’s back that I can’t say in front of them) But still there are limitations now. Like I can’t share stuff about my brother because he visits and wouldn’t appreciate my publicly disclosing his love life or whatever 😛

PS: matrimonial updates – I’ve given up again. I seriously can’t do it. There are some other plans afoot (no, no marriage involved). So, Let’s just see what happens in next few months.


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