Passport Woes: Change of Address

September 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

I never had any complaint against Indian Passport Department. I didn’t bribe anyone, Never had to argue. Just went to Passport Office in Delhi. Submitted form. Within 2 months, had passport in Hand. No issues anywhere. (Oh yes, My parents did serve tea to the Police verification guy. Their logic – “We were having tea when he arrived. It’s bad manners not to serve it :P”)
Then we shifted to Noida. After 4 years of living here, I decided to get my address updated. And, like any other net-savvy citizen, I went to Indian Passport Office website, visited the local Ghaziabad office website as well. Turns out both had different forms for ‘Change in Address’. Printed out and filled both. For Address proof, I took 2 different documents (Copy of PF a/c Passbook and letter from Office). I thought I was ready to take on the passport department. Little did I knew. Turns out, you need to use different form. And more photocopies. More money. Different Queue. Aaargh.. After half day, My application is finally submitted. Let’s hope my passport reaches me in a month.
Anyways, here’s the new process for Change in Address:
1. Form required is Form No. 1. Yes, it’s the new passport application form (Screw the dept website. I spoke to 3 different officers including passport officer in Ghaziabad passport office. )
2. Documents required:

  • Address proof (I used copy of SBI passbook and office declaration – general advice is get something from government like Driving License/Voter Card/national bank’s passbook/statement)
  • Copy of Original Passport – First 4 pages and last 4 pages. Basically 4 photostats (2 pages get xeroxed on 1 page). No visa copies are required. Also, doesn’t matter is last pages except for address are empty. You still need to provide them.
  • Original Passport

3. Fill up the form. Attach Photograph. (Do note now the size required is 3.5cm X 3.5cm)
4. Go to Passport Office and Submit form along with Rs. 1000/-. Counter would be the Re-issue/Minor Passports one.
5. After verifying the passport and it’s xerox copy, you’ll get old passport back. So don’t worry.
6. Now Wait. And Wait.

Update: 8-Oct-2010: Passport has been delivered. All shiny and no mistakes that I could notice. And, No, we didn’t pay the police verification person.
Impressed with the efficiency shown in this case.


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