Things I learned by dating a Psycho

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

This came from ‘No regrets’ post. A friend pointed out that I must feel regret about dating the Psycho. Well, Yeah. But overall, I took it as learning. So what all you learn by dating a psycho-
1. Your first instinct about a person is right. So if you thought guy is weird, listen to this thought. Using logic to defy this instinct is not going to help.
2. If the guy over-showers you with gifts/attention, Run. No sane person will go beyond certain limit.
3. Don’t date a guy, just because you are bored. You are bound to make incorrect choices in such cases.
4. The moment you stop dating the guy, change all your passwords even though you never shared with them. Being little paranoid helps. (Also, Master Password in Firefox is great tool. Utilize it. Best would be don’t let him use your personal machine at all)
5. On similar lines to 2, if the guy is telling random people about his awesome gf aka you and getting things signed with quotes like ‘best wishes for future, you two’, RUN. Reallllly. Just RUN.
6. If the guy starts crying when you tell him you breaking up with him, call for reinforcements aka your friends. If possible, make a youtube video and have fun with it (OK, now I’m just being mean – but I still want that link)
7. Don’t keep dating a guy just because you don’t want to break his heart and he’s leaving in few days anyways. It’s not fair to either of you.
8. I don’t know about you, but if I have to provide update of every minute of my day, I would RUN.
9. The moment you realize you are not in it for the long term, but he is, even though he’s saying otherwise, Just end it.
10. Last, but not the least. Just Don’t date a Psycho. (which is most common advice I get from my friends :))

Update: Friend pointed out I shouldn’t say ‘a psycho’ as I’ve dated more than 1. Well not revealing the count here, but Yes, I’ve dated more than 1 and that’s why I learned more things 🙂


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