Being a Student..

September 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

..again rocks.
I was, as mentioned earlier, learning French. I’m happy to say I’m now at intermediate level. Unfortunately, batch timings, my timings, office timings all clashed. So twice a week, I would be rushing out so that I can make it in time for class.
This means I get free weekend. Yayy.
Though the last one I got free, was spent in studying for yet another certificate. (Am I turning into a certificate junkie?). And tadaaa.. I’m now Photoshop CS4 ACE. Yipeee.
I wanted to sleep in this weekend. But Knowing me, it wasn’t possible. So I’m now planning to learn Baking and making chocolates. There goes my Sunday half. And the evening would be spent in Delhi (yet again) dancing to another instructor’s tune. Yup, I enrolled for Jive as well. Couldn’t find a Tango batch.
I know I know.. I keep on learning new things as if I won’t get another chance. But it’s so much fun. And you meet such nice people. No work politics. No dramas of any kind.
In a nutshell, I live to learn unlike the ones who learn to live.

Here’s to a life where you keep finding things to learn and knowledge is unlimited. Cheers!!!


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