Was Name worth the price or hype?

August 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

Finally a restaurant review. (Lot of people have told me that I need to do this, considering I’ve really strong opinions about food and restaurants)
Almost a month back, I went to Punjab Grill (Select mall, Saket) with E. Now, little background here. I really wanted to go to O Palazio and finally try main course there. Unfortunately, it was closed and This discovery did cost me a pair of flip flops. With Punjab Grill, my history hasn’t been good. Few times, we didn’t get table and wait was too long. 1-2 times, I ended up going to the bar downstairs and forgot that I was supposed to have dinner there. Anyways, this time, we got the table. Good part, it was on terrace. Bad part, no alcohol is served there.

Ambiance: It’s ok. Not so great, but not very bad either. We sat on outer side looking at the DLF entrance. yes, even the terrace has 2 partitions. One is covered by plastic sheets and other is out open. Waiters are polite. Hostess explained that they couldn’t get the license for serving alcohol on terrace. (Yes, I did mention Tabula and AI terraces, she says they don’t know how others managed it).
Seats are comfortable enough.

Food: For a Punjabi restaurant, there were quite a few fusion dishes. Expected from Jiggs Kalra. E suggested Duck in starters. I’ve never had it, so we decided to give it a go. Other starter dish we ordered was Chicken Kurkuri. While I liked the way duck tasted, I felt there was bit too much marination on it. E is the duck expert here, so he can judge it better. Chicken Kurkuri was kind of fried wontons, served with dip in shot glass. It was yum. Must try, if you visit it.
For main course, we decided on Daal and Morel Mushroom dish. Earlier in the day, E was telling me How Morels are in season for only 4 weeks in a year and I have to try them. Lucky for us, it was on menu. Daal was good. (I did expect it to be even better though). Morel Dish (I can’t remember the name now), reminded me of the papad Salan that Mom makes. It wasn’t very spicy, bit sweet for me. My Gujju friends should like it a lot :). However, Morels were really nice. If I see them on menu again, I’m so ordering them.
Waiter had advised us against the roti platter (too much for 2, he said) and we were glad he did. We had Pudina Paratha and Tandoori Roti. Both pretty good.
Apart from that, I had Lassi, which I really liked. Though I don’t get the concept of Barfi (Indian Sweet dish) inside it, I would order it again.

Pricing: It’s definitely on the expensive side. However, the ones used to Big Chills and Punjabi by Nature, will find ok. Anyways, I don’t think Select has any cheap place.

My verdict: 3 out of 5. I would visit it with friends who like Indian food, but want it bit less spicy and different from usual affairs. For hard core Butter chicken people, It needs to be Karim’s or Punjabi By Nature for me. (PbN also has Vodka Golgappas, so it’s always a favorite 🙂 )
Overall, a good place but I expected bit more with Jiggs Kalra’s name. That’s what happens when you grow reading a certain person’s reviews. You start expecting too much from them.

PS: E, next time, we are definitely going to Karim’s. Promise 🙂

PPS: Do tell me how it was? Should I do more of these?


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§ 2 Responses to Was Name worth the price or hype?

  • Eric Wilde says:

    The morels were definitely the second best part of the dinner. The companionship was, of course, the highlight. 🙂

    The duck was dry. Duck is supposed to be dripping in its own grease and really high in fat content. This duck was overcooked and tough. I wouldn’t get it again.

    • Another Dreamer says:

      I’m told by another friend that we should never order Duck in a Punjabi Restaurant. Good advice, it seems 🙂

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