Life’s not easy

August 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

It’s tough. It’s tough being an Indian 30-yr Old Single Girl. Everyone’s wondering why are you single. They try to fix you up with random people. They gently prod you to spill beans. My fav – Everyone assumes you are seeing someone, but just not getting married. It’s funny and It’s exhausting. You spend better half of your day fielding questions about it.
It’s irritating. But, as you are in India, your business is everyone’s business. Not even your friends spare you. Your parents are forever disappointed in you.
I wonder if fulfilling your parent’s dreams and society’s expectation is the only reason you are born. No one’s really concerned about your happiness. Oh yes, they pretend. But they don’t. No one really knows you or care about what you want. There’s a check-list and you are supposed to do things accordingly. If there’s missing check mark, it’s trouble.
So what you like being Single? So what if you are happy being alone? So what you really don’t like people so much?
You were born, so you better fulfill your role.

(Maybe I should just marry some gay guy and get off the market?? Anyone there who needs a reallllly nice Indian wife for pretense?)

Note: Do I sound frustrated? Well, I’m. So back off.


§ 6 Responses to Life’s not easy

  • I really can’t understand why is marrieage supposed to be a time bound exercise in India and since i am also nearing the 30 borderline, I can also totally relate to the frustration you’ve described!!

  • Eric Wilde says:

    I’ve also witnessed a dimension of serious misogyny at the office. Do you think that misogyny also plays a role here? Would a single man (say 35+ to account for some perceived age differences) get just as much noise?

    • Another Dreamer says:

      In my family, yes 🙂
      In few other families that I know of, No..
      But yes, misogyny do play a role. As a female, there are certain roles expected to be played and played on time too.

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