Not Everything Adds Up

August 15, 2010 § 7 Comments

Every day I get older, I worry about few new things, I stop worrying about few old things.
If I have to take measure of my life, There’s not much I regret. Of course I wonder about certain paths I didn’t take. But Regret, No. For each choice taught me something new. Each path introduced me to someone new. Some people I’m glad to meet, some not so much. Lessons are lessons, good or bad.
I’ve stayed within limits, when I thought I should. I’ve made my own, when I felt I needed to.
I’m, of course, not proud of everything I’ve done. (OK, there’s lot I shouldn’t have done) But never mind, at those times, it was always a good idea.
So, here’s to a life without regrets and hoping rest of the days would be same.

PS: no, It’s not my birthday, It’s the year of turning philosophical. So expect such random posts every few days.


§ 7 Responses to Not Everything Adds Up

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