Perceptions, Age and Life

August 6, 2010 § 7 Comments

Yesterday, an interesting conversation happened with a colleague. She finds it annoying that most people in team don’t take her very seriously or don’t listen to her point of view completely. She’s not the first with this complain. Last time I heard this was with another team member who mentioned similar thing. Common thing with both is they joined our team as Freshers (fresh out of college). Somewhere down the road, while mentoring them, teaching them things, we formed an opinion that they are kids. Hence, are not very aware. After 2 years, we are not ready to change that opinion. They have grown in their roles. They are better than some seniors in certain things. But they are still patronized. One could handle it but other is an oldest child. Which means she’s treated as an adult most of the time at home. But at work, it’s always the patronizing attitude. She asked me what changes she could make, to change people’s opinion.
I couldn’t come up with an answer. It’s not about people’s opinion, it’s the perception. Most people form a perception based on input from others or due to some action of yours. And it sticks. Very rarely, you come across people who are willing to change their perception about you.
But once a child, always a child. Once a slacker, always a slacker.
It’s sad. Really. I’ve seen people work hard to improve on their bad habits. But we as a collective bunch, don’t bother to acknowledge the changes. We are too stuck up in our own personal thought jungle that we don’t want to change an iota.
Too Bad. For we are missing out on knowing a new person


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§ 7 Responses to Perceptions, Age and Life

  • Robin Bela says:


    I just got your tweet and came to your blog. I love your authentic and straightforward writing. About this situation I feel the person you are talking about carries that perception that they are junior and are meant to be treated like the way they are. They need to start feeling, looking at others as equal. Their perception is vibrating in their energy fields and as a result others pick it up unconsciously. A good affirmation would be – I AM equal to all at my work place and everyone enjoys this place from where I come. Its a fun place to be in. ( I feel they are feeling they need to fight for this perception, ‘just be’:)) .

    And in the end, if its general opinion and not just a few, I strongly believe the issue is with the way the 2 new people.I hope this helps:)

    Best wishes,
    Robin Bela
    Healer, Spiritual Teacher

  • merc says:

    I think its all up to the freshers.They should make the seniors feel that they have grown up.

  • Eric Wilde says:

    I’d recommend one of two actions:
    – Talk to the direct manager. Does the manager hold the same opinion of childishness? The odds are better if the manager did the hiring in the first place. If the manager takes the person seriously then find an influential task that can let the person’s maturity shine. Assign leadership of some task.
    – Otherwise, find a new job. Its not worth the effort trying to change everyone else’s opinion. People are just too pigheaded.

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