February 22, 2010 § 4 Comments

Everyone have a story to tell.
Everyone wants to share their story. whether you like it or not. whether you think it is worth listening to it or not.
Each story is important. to someone. to anyone.
Some stories are privileged to get out. Some are lucky enough to get followers.
But what about the ones which stay in heart?
the ones who never get out or told or shared?
the ones which wait for a listener and just continue to wait?
Who’ll go and listen to them? Do you have time?



§ 4 Responses to Stories

  • Eric Wilde says:

    After more than two years away, I’m starting back at interactive storytelling (aka table top role playing games.) We’re going to set ourselves up in the legendary world of King Arthur. There’s about 5 of us, each taking the role of a landed knight during late 5th century Britain. I’m also organizing and describing the world.

    This is all an outgrowth of the Sir Malory book you gave me when I last visited. Great book! Its more in the style of the early renaissance but describes the dark ages of rural Logres. I highly recommend the book for any who already know a bit of European medieval history.

    Ah, I can feel my inner geek clawing its way to the surface again.

    • Another Dreamer says:

      That sounds like great fun.. And now you have gotten me enough curious that I might just read it some day.. Not now.. My new resolution is to finish all unread 50 books that I hv, before I buy new ones 🙂
      PS: Your inner geek was already out.. 🙂

  • Munish Gupta says:

    I think I can relate to that…

  • Eric Widle says:

    I went through a period in my life where telling a story was a critical form of therapy. It was necessary for me to work through my various chemical dependencies….

    I labored over the stories, edited and re-edited them, perfected them and filed them away on the shelf never to be read again.

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