Trip against All Odds..

January 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

It seemed like higher powers didn’t want me to go to Leh. After 3-4 plans being canceled, I had given up on all hopes of ever visiting Leh.
Then Came shut-down and my stubbornness, which dictated I go alone if nobody else has time to accompany me.
So I decided.
Second week of Sep, I hurt my toe.
3rd week of Sep, My parents refused to let me go alone.
4th Week of Sep, I end up with Viral Fever.
Finally on 27th, temp went down and I left Delhi. (My parents n friends were really not happy about this).
Reached Manali 3 hours late from ETA. Never Mind.
The guest house I was planning to stay was full-booked. Never Mind. Found another cheap dingy hotel. Was after all matter of few hours.
Next surprise, Volvo to Leh were canceled. No other mode but tempo travelers. Those who dun know what those are, try a mini bus little more uncomfortable. Anywayz, wasn’t gonna give up after reaching so far. So booked seat. 2 O’Clock in night departure.
2.00pm waiting at hotel for pickup Taxi. Taxi arrives. I climb down the stairs and Voila, fell. Ankle Sprained. Biting down tears, Went and the journey started.

Now the reason, these people start in night is because if you see the way they take turns on those roads, you might never travel with them ever again.

And then I fell in love. Early morning, I open my eyes to glorious sights of Himalayas. One look at golden peaks and I was a gone case. Ride was uncomfortable, didn’t matter. I was cold, didn’t matter. I was alone, didn’t matter. All that mattered was, I was there. God was smiling on me and welcomed me with open arms.

Of course after this, I had problems in breathing. Luckily, got meds from fellow travelers.
There was road blockage.
One bridge broke down right in front of us.

But love affair had started. And It’s for life this time.
Each sight, each smile just reinforced it. Can’t wait to visit it again.

PS: Had started it long time back but finished it now. More details later.


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