Playing Tag Tag..

August 18, 2009 § 4 Comments

From facebook to blog.. tagged by Naarya

The one and only rule : You cannot say “I have no regrets in my life”. I really feel its the most cliched line ever.

I hope to..
Have a Book Cafe someday or a restaurant on a beach. Whatever it’ll be, it’ll include all 3 love of my life – books, good food, coffee

I hope not to..
become boring like so many people I know

I want to..
just live and let live

I don’t want to..
get stuck anywhere anytime

I should have..
been nicer to so many people and meaner to many more

I shouldn’t have..
done so many things, but what the hell, most were fun anyway 😛

I could have..
been an architect

I couldn’t have..
been a doctor no matter what my parents think 😛

I did..
what I wanted.. well most of the time 😛

I did not..
agree to anything that I feel/think is wrong

I wish..
I could just travel and read

I regret..
not listening to my instincts

I should..
Exercise and be less of a lazy bum

I should not..
shop this much

I could..
be nicer to some people

I couldn’t
be nice to you when I’m hurting inside

I never thought..
my life would be so awesome

I always thought..
and still think I’m perfect girlfriend material 😉

Tag, you are it.. esp Eric & Shoonya


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