Coming out to an Indian Mom

June 22, 2009 § 6 Comments

Last night over drinks, wallowing in our sadness, we wondered about coming out to your parents. Esp if you are a girl. Think of it, for someone who won’t even mention existence of sex, how will you explain that you don’t like it straight?
Here’s how I see this conversation happening:

Mom: “I saw Mrs. X today. Her sister-in-law’s brother’s boss knows this family who have an eligible son. He’s IIT-IIM working in MNC. They think you are perfect for him.”
Girl: “Umm.. Mom.. I know it’s going to come as a shock but I’m.. I’m Gay.”
Mom: “Good for you. One should always be happy and gay. Now, about this boy..”
Girl: “Mom.. Gay as in Lesbian”
Mom: “Right.. Now I’m thinking we should invite them for tea”
Girl: “Mom.. I can’t meet this boy. I like girls”
Mom: “Don’t be silly.. How does that affect meeting boys? Everyone likes girls. Now Mrs X was telling me this family… ”
Girl(Clearly annoyed by now): “Like girls as in Sex with them”
Mom(Finally Shocked): “Who told you about sex? It’s forbidden. Good Girls don’t talk in this way. I told your father we should’ve gotten you married long ago. Now, I’m inviting this family for tea this weekend. Better be ready”


§ 6 Responses to Coming out to an Indian Mom

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