Just Another Day, and another heart

June 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

It was just another day in busy market. She looked at the world outside, her nose pressed at the window.
“When would I get to go out and play with other kids?”, she asked to the one they called Grandma.
“You ask me this question every day. You have to wait for your little girl, the one who’ll want you and take you home with her”, replied Grandma.
“We are not fancy enough. No kid wants to play with us anymore. They all want those glittering new models.”, a voice came from behind.
Tears swelled in her eyes. “Is it true, Grandma?”
“No, darling. Every doll gets her home. You just have to be patience” Grandma consoled her, But grandma knew it won’t happen. There were so many around with same dream. Dream of family and love.

“Mommy, I want that doll.” One sentence diverted everyone’s attention to the little girl who was reaching towards something.
“Please god, let it be me.” she prayed, eyes closed. She felt being moved. Her eyes opened up to find herself in little girl’s arms.
“You are so pretty. You can come to my home. I’ll ask Mommy to take you with us”, girl was cooing to her. She had found her home. She looked around with proud smile. Grandma was smiling and so were other dolls.
“No. We are not buying this rag-doll. come on, I’ll get you other one.”, Girl’s mother voice boomed.
“Noooo. I want this one.”, Girl refused to let her go. She was terrified. Is happiness so short-lived? Girl turned to her and said “Don’t worry. I’ll take you home. No other doll will do.”
“Come on, Let’s go. We’ll discuss it at home. Why don’t you think about it some more?”, Mother started walking out.
Little girl looked at her with tearful eyes and whispered, “I love you. I’ll take you home tomorrow. wait for me”
And they were gone. She was still here, still alone.
“She said she’ll come. She loves me.” she consoled herself.
Next morning came, and so did little girl. “Mommy says we need to see if our doll house matches you. I’m sure it does. My mommy always get me what I want”
She was scared.
“Take me home with you now.”, she wanted to scream. “Don’t leave me. I don’t want doll house. Your mother doesn’t like me”. But little girl couldn’t hear her. Little girl was happy that her mother has listened to her. Little girl didn’t realize it was adult way of getting things done without any argument.
Mother picked her up and moved over to doll house shelf.
Little girl exclaimed, “Mommy, she looks perfect”
“Sweetie, Look how uncomfortable she looks. She won’t be happy in our home. Look she doesn’t fit in.”
“But Mommy”
“Darlin’ You promised to listen”
“Yes, Mommy”
Little girl with a longing look walked out, whispering “Atleast Mommy had a look. She gave it a fair chance”
She cried and screamed. But little girl couldn’t hear her. Little girl couldn’t see the tears or hear the words screaming “I Love You”. Little girl just walked out.
And little girl never learned the truth or the lesson “When people say No, they stick to it. They are just good in covering up with rose-tinted glasses.”



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