Random Stuff in my Head

May 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Why does most people have a problem with honesty? I would rather take a mean sounding honest remark from someone than fake compliment.

What’s with this weather? Can’t it stay stable for a while?

Why can’t people learn to dress well?

While we are on dressing sense, why do they have to use those strong smelling talcums? Hello, some people have sensitive noses!!!
And those horrible smelling perfumes/deos… eewwww.. Leave my nose alone

Why can’t tickets be cheap? I wanna spend my best friends birthday with him.. Or better why cant we tele-port?

Why the double standards on eating habits or behavioral habits due to religion?

Why Long Long meetings over trivial issues?

And why some people love to talk in such meetings so much? Half hour to express 1 point!!! Gimme a Break!!
People who speak for sake of speaking should be shot..
along with those who spam your mailbox with irrelevant info..

There should be glasses which can filter out people you don’t like..

Also I want a automated response system which explains to people why I haven’t been calling them or meeting them often.. You know usual excuse machine..


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