Sorry, You are slightly fat to be loved by my standards…

April 16, 2009 § 6 Comments

Recently I met this girl, extremely fun, intelligent n pretty as well. In fact, not even for once I wondered about her weight or looks. She mentioned she was just getting over this long-term relationship which recently ended. I didn’t bother to ask why they broke up and all. Well, I really don’t care about that and I had just met her, right. So, we hung around, had fun, said goodbyes, only to keep in touch via numerous social networking sites. So I saw her blog link and knowing her as little as I did, I was sure it would be a good read. In one of her posts, she mentioned the reason for break up.
And guess the reason, Guy wanted her to lose weight so she would become perfect.
Excuse me, wasn’t love supposed to make you perfect? Or was it that love overcomes all imperfection?
This girl doesn’t even qualify as fat. At max, she can enter the slightly plump round. And considering, it’s India, I would say thats the average figure, curvy & voluptuous.
Most importantly, since when weight is a criteria for marriage?
A funny, smart, beautiful girl needs to lose weight, so she can get married to the guy she’s in love with. Guy who professes his love every day. But he just thinks she can be perfect only after shedding those extra Kilos.
She took the right way and showed him the highway. (nice rhyme :P)
But not without the hurt and pain which comes after broken heart.

It hurts to see physical attribute coming in way of love. I thought Love was supposed to be above that. Atleast that’s what all quotes seem to say.
But if I just consider the romance on tv and novels, it’s always between good looking people. So yeah, maybe love is directly tied to your looks and weight.


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§ 6 Responses to Sorry, You are slightly fat to be loved by my standards…

  • sh00nya says:

    reminds me of this video

    well it’s the beautiful imperfections that make a relationship go the long way but unfortunately many don’t seem to realize it 😐

    Oh and yea on this side of India i have seen some ridiculous arranged marriage alliance requests (resulting in rejects) that do have weight (as one of the) criteria (at times down to comparative “grams” :/ )? the other absurd ones being height difference of sometimes an inch, age diff as high as 8 yrs and at times put precise at 5.25 years, high spectacle numbers and the list goes on and on….

    Rants rants and too many of them……

    • Another Dreamer says:

      This Video made me cry.. It’s so touching and meaningful πŸ™‚
      Thanks for sharing it.

      And these ridiculous requests jst keep on increasin.. dun they?

  • suudhan says:

    I agree with Eric.. I have very similar notions of such things..
    I almost always find a beautiful girl getting married to a handsome guy (in our current generation)..
    may be somewhere in our mind, we evaluate where we stand in the beauty quotient, and look for someone who belong to the same level..
    but all this is applicable only for the initial phase – just for asking out on a date maybe.. once we have passed this state, when love develops, such things should never interfere, and if it does, that means one person is still stuck in the initial phase, while the other has progressed to further phases.. and when one person realizes this, breakup ensues.. – its unfortunate, and hurtful, but the lesson to be learnt here is that it is necessary to be aware, and cautious at every point in a relationship, in order to avoid getting overly hurt.. but again such quest for awareness has a fine line – we can’t overlook, and we can’t take-it-for-granted.. we have be to just aware enough… ufff.. and that is where we all fail.. and sometimes it could be too much…
    ok, i have rattled something here.. have so much theory in my mind about such things… and when i saw this post, i had to say something..
    does any of this makes sense?

    • Another Dreamer says:

      yeah.. it made lil sense πŸ™‚
      but wasn’t that the point – aftr being together for a while you would expect these thngs to vanish, not come up..

  • Eric Wilde says:

    This isn’t really a surprising story. People are like that. And by people, I mean both men and women. I’ve known both men and women who have broken their relationship, or even been divorced, because of simple looks – including weight.

    To my mind, Love is not an idealized state. Its a mixture of powerful chemicals in the brain that cause us to feel certain strong emotions. Sexual attractiveness is a significant part of that experience – whether it be from looks or brains or personality or whatever. Social learning has a tremendous amount to do with it as well; but, the immediate causes and experience I believe are much more chemical.

    The same is true with devotion, even when gained over years of close companionship.

    This fact doesn’t make love or devotion any less meaningful; but, it does take away a lot of the mythology surrounding such things.

    Marriage can be with or without love. There are lots of reasons to marry someone, not all of which equate to Love.

    • Another Dreamer says:

      Well then looks like I was idealizing Love.. I would expect to be loved for who I’m, not the way I look. Reasoning it out with chemicals really doesn’t make it so attractive πŸ™‚
      I agree marriage can be for lot of reasons other than love. But I would still not count weight as a factor for it

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