Fun for some, matter of survival for others..

April 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

What’s the first word that comes to your mind, when you hear word ‘Rain’?
Getting Wet, Hot cup of Tea, pakodas (Somewhat like cutlets) if you happen to be a north-Indian, Smell of earth, Long Drives, Rain dance..
Lots of things but none of these would generate a fear for your house (unless you happen to stay in leaking building).. Not a single one of these things would make you drop whatever work you have and start covering everything in that room you call home.
It’s strange how we always get so happy about rains and how people in slums always worry about them. All that rain means to them is ‘Need of Shelter’, Plastic sheets to cover roof, Leaks, Muddy Pathways, Diseases & Sickness..

I don’t know should I get happy about this untimely rain for relief in temperature or should I remind god that some people weren’t prepared for rains yet and they need to.

Why is it that even weather is unfair to those who are without any privileges in life?


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