Umm.. Just A minute.. What was that?

March 31, 2009 § 2 Comments

Funny thing happened today.. I found myself apologizing for something I didn’t do and had no control either.. And then I realized I’ve been doing it for quite sometime.. And only with my friends..
Well.. What’s been happening is.. If I get something that my friends wanted (nice date, shoes, dress.. ) I find myself trying to play it down, make it sound like it was just circumstantial and had they been in my place, they would have gotten it as well.. Basically just feel guilty.
And today I did that ‘coz I got few more invites than them.. Now why should I do that? I’ve never asked for attention.. I might brag at times (ok, more than few times) about the treatment I get at my regular haunts.. But I know the reason for that.. I took time out to remember their names.. greet them nicely.. and smile with them often.. I just try to be what my parents taught me to be.. Be Nice to everyone regardless of their station..
Why should I apologize for the preferences I get then?
If two of us met a guy and he asks me out rather than you, How is it my fault? It’s not as if I took my shirt in front of him or offered to give him a lap dance… (atleast not when you were standing next to me :))

I’m sorry but I’m done apologizing for things I didn’t do. If you are jealous or you think I don’t deserve it, it’s your problem not mine. Just because we are friends, you don’t get away with it.

Sigh.. Things were so much simple when all I had was guy friends.. They never got jealous, well mostly 😛


§ 2 Responses to Umm.. Just A minute.. What was that?

  • suudhan says:

    funny i should read this post today.. felt I was in the receiving end, when one of my friends apologized for having made an internship job which was more because of luck, and hence I shouldn’t feel too bad if i don’t make one!

    so ya, guy friends also get jealous :D, but for completely different reasons 😛 (but we do have less reasons to be jealous of, i agree – mainly beautiful girl friend, high paying job or job with a lot of travel)

    • Another Dreamer says:

      Ah.. you just shattered my most beautiful illusion abt guys.. now wt’ll i do wd all of u 😛
      But good thing you realized.. maybe next time you frnd won’t need to apologize.. 🙂

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