Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon

March 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

When Neil Diamond wrote it, Did he had any idea about female psyche or Was he just trying to pretend he understands us??
I would forever stay a girl, but have to be woman at times.. And it seems its finally time to grow up..
‘Resistance is futile’, so said Borg. And, unfortunately for me, my parents and friends are on same page.

It’s part of being Indian. There are set of goals that each of us is supposed to achieve. Some are lucky enough to escape the clutches of tradition but most of us end up surrendering.
When you are a baby, your aim is to be the best baby. The one who cries less, one who walks first, one who learn to speak first. From there on, aims increase gradually.
You have learn rhymes before the next door kid.
You have get admission in a better school.
You have to get better marks.
You have to 90% scorer in 10th Boards.
You have to choose subjects which have future.
Then, you again have to score 90% in 12th Boards. (the more you can achieve, the better it is for parents)
After that, you have to choose a career which has a bright future (If you chose science, then it means engineering or medicine)
So now you have to get a Degree
Once Degree goal is achieved, lets head to Job Market.
Once that is achieved, Opt for Masters (mainly MBA) and again better be a good school
Again, get a good Job.
After this, you goal is to get married.
Of course, Achieving doesn’t stop here. This will lead to Reproduction and carrying on of Family Name. And then same process for your kids..

So our life is all about Achieving. Either our own personal goals or goals set by parents.

And 25-26 is the benchmark age for girls. Luckily, my parents understood my need to learn and live. So for 2 years, I was able to escape the never-ending pressure some of my friends faced or are facing.
However, 28 seems to my parent’s saturation point. Hence the ultimatum, either you do something about it or we’ll.
I know I can still avoid it for another yr. And trust me, I’ll still manage it. But my mom’s sad face. Her trying to explain my stance to relatives. Her trying to argue with others why I’m still right even though she doesn’t agree. My Dad’s plans and then letting go of them for me. I can’t fight it anymore. So this is their achiever’s goal. And somehow I feel I owe it to them.
That’s why it is the solution for now. Rest, it’s going to be a fun ride.. It already is.


§ 2 Responses to Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon

  • Eric Wilde says:

    Most of this has nothing to do with being Indian, though following tradition is stronger in Indian culture than here. In the end, its your choice and no one else’s.

    • Another Dreamer says:

      I wish I could say it’s completely my choice.. It’s more of parent’s right now..
      Anywayz.. a week into process, and I’m already thinking of eloping, alone of course 😛

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