It’s been a long time..

March 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

..since I blogged.
Apart from countless weddings and related functions that I was attending, I found time to get sick for almost a week.. Another Allergies Attack.. (AAA, I like sound of that.. I have
Somehow I’ve been more regular with Twitter.. Social networking brings out my nerdy side..
I’ve made some really important decisions of life..
One of them is to find out what I love doing and start doing that.. Right now, I’m leaning towards my own store, library, teacher, NGO, Marketing, PR, Sales, Project Management.. (turns out I like doing lots of stuff :))
Another one is to get married.. so process of screening out guys has started again.. I know I know, this is second time in last 2 years that I’ve decided the same.. This time it’s little different. Instead of meeting up guys chosen by my parents, I’m screening them myself.. So far, it’s been entertaining..
And somehow I met some really interesting people during all these weddings.. talking to few.. Lets see if I do have a good/bad news to share soon or not..
To be frankly it’s bit weird.. Last time when I tried it, I got literally freaked out.. which made take the vacation down-under.. Which in turn led to meeting G again.. Which made me realize there are few things in life I refuse to compromise on.. Which in turn led to a very unexpected No..
This time I plan to tread carefully.. Not getting freaked out.. just have fun on the way.. if it ends well, good.. if not, sorry mum, but I really tried 😀
I love being Indian.. but this is where I wish I wasn’t one..


§ 2 Responses to It’s been a long time..

  • Eric Wilde says:

    there are few things in life I refuse to compromise on..

    Then don’t compromise. Seriously. You’ll be sorry.

    I’m not sorry and it sure feels fine. Life will never be perfect; but, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise.


    Without a doubt. Teacher. You have talent with people. But that may be me projecting my own desires.

    get married

    Does this really answer the question? Maybe yes, I dunno.

    • Another Dreamer says:

      Well..Til now I’ve standing up wd no Compromise thng.. lets hope it works out..
      Teacher.. Yeah.. Maybe I should
      married Not for me.. but yeah for my parents, that seem to be the answer

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