I’m getting Inspired…

February 26, 2009 § 10 Comments

..By random tweets I see and blogs that I read.. Sometimes they do make sense.. Not like the ones where you think you can fly like superman.. Or that Nobody noticed when you fell off your chair in a bar (*after 1 drink).. The ones which *Actually* make sense..

So here’s my new life plan..
* Stop doing things that I don’t like – This includes work, meeting people, eating bad food, smiling at people I hate
* No Whining – Yeah, So I didn’t get the raise I wanted.. So my parents never took me to Disneyland.. My boyfriend cheated on me.. Whatever.. Just Get over it..
* Take Charge – So no more sitting around and complaining about things not working out.. So If I want something done, I’ll go and get it…
* Get My Priorities right – No more focusing on things which don’t matter in long run includes petty office politics..
* Get My Finances Straight – No more holidays or shopping till all bills and debts are paid off.. Includes family loans 😛
* Be a better Human Being – I don’t care if that’s being idealist, but I think I want to concentrate more on content life than corporate.. So don’t be surprised if down the line, I quit IT to move into social sector.. not yet though.. too many bills to clear 🙂


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§ 10 Responses to I’m getting Inspired…

  • suudhan says:

    And I am going to allure you.. heard there is a new series of Victoria Secret tops in market 😀 😀
    he he..

    So what if your parents didn’t take you to Disneyland, you take them 🙂

    • Another Dreamer says:

      @Suudhan Wrong Brand.. VS is more alluring to guys than girls.. Give me Jimmy Choos anytime over VS 😛
      I hope I get to take my folks to disneyland soon…

  • Mike says:

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  • Eric Wilde says:

    If you did change your career, what would you do? How about, if you didn’t ever have to worry about money again what would you do?

    • Another Dreamer says:

      @Eric.. Thats a tough one.. I think I’ll go back to school and work in archeology.. Then again, I might open up a school in some remote area without electricity 😀
      another thought is cafe on beach or a bookstore on beach..
      @Mike.. Thanks

      • Eric Wilde says:

        Bookstore on the beach sounds ideal! What a great idea. Would it be a used bookstore or new?

        • Eric Wilde says:

          The other day I was reminded of a used book store that really stood out.

          My wife and I honeymooned in Paris. There is a used bookstore for English books just across the Seine from Notre Dame. Its a basement store but it meanders along under many street-level shops. The place is a veritable maze of shelves stocked with all manner of paper, cloth and hard bound books. As you wander the tunnels every now and again you come across a small nest where one of the owners has set up a little bed and nightstand. There were three or four owners who all lived in the shop amongst their books.

          I found a book there for which I’d been searching for a few years. It was one of the text books for my Aesthetics course in college that had since gone out of print. Its back in print now; but, at the time it was a major find. Of course, I bought it. It was given as a gift to my mother after coming home.

        • Another Dreamer says:

          @Eric.. I just found out one of my fav book store in Bangalore has closed down.. It just broke my heart..
          Next time I visit Paris, I’ll mk sure to visit this bookstore u mentioned.. Dun u just luv when U find a book you want hidden away in towers of books.. 😀

  • Eric Wilde says:

    Congratulations! This is great.

    Did you mean it seriously when you said you won’t work? That doesn’t seem like you. Wouldn’t you get bored? At least photography or some kind of work would be good, no? You’ve got the brain and the social skills to do quite well for yourself in many fields.

    I decided when I was 33 that I was fed up with the bullshit. So I went my own way and never turned back. Its been great. Sure, I work hard; but, doing what I want to do. I break laws when they should be broken. I try my best to treat people ethically and with respect, while still having a good time.

    What’s your plan now? How do you achieve this goal?

    • Another Dreamer says:

      I meant I won’t work on things which I don’t like. I anyways like working. so should not be a huge prob.
      I’m also thinking in lines of moving on to different sectors..
      So plan now is wait for a month and verify if this need for change is just related to current work or overall. I don’t want to jump in something new and then regret. And, then, I’ll keep you updated 🙂

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