Downgrading HP DV2700 Artist Edition to XP

February 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Was a pain.. Took me whole lotta time. But finally I’m on XP.. So here are the steps..

1. Get Windows XP 🙂
2. Backup your Data
3. Create Recovery DVDs (if anything goes wrong, you can always go back to default factory conditions
4. Find SATA Drivers for your HD and create a bootable CD with both drivers and XP.
For Sata Drivers – Download
To create Bootable XP with Drivers using Nlite
Use this link for reference
5. Boot with this newly created XP cd and follow instructions.
6. Once XP is installed, You need XP drivers.
Most of the drivers are here
Try this for instructions and more info
Another good link
7. Biggest Problem with my laptop was finding nVidia Driver. Apparantly nVidia GeForce 8400 is not supported on XP.. However do not lose heart and thank Google for search results and of course Devs who worked on it.
Go here. Find the driver compatible with your Laptop and install it..
I still have issues with sleep. I think it’s because of nVidia driver.. But overall my laptop works brilliantly.

No Probs with wireless or Bluetooth or Sound.. I’m yet to test TV Tuner.. will update when I do..


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