Economy Crisis.. Terrorists.. and Lay Offs

December 5, 2008 § 3 Comments

I think terrorists are bit of idiots.. Why use war and weapons when you can scare people by just 2 words ‘Global Meltdown’.. Now this crisis is not affected by any religion, caste, color or creed.. And you thought Minorities are being targeted or Vice-versa.. You thought your religion is important, ask the ones who lost everything overnight.. or the ones who don’t have job anymore..

Being a part of global company, measures to control this crisis are expected.. As nations look at their reserves and banks, we turn to our assets and resources.. From cutting down the lavish parties, travel, this cost effectiveness drills down to individuals.. And boom, ta ta bye bye..
I know its rude, its bad.. esp when somebody has given you years of loyalty..
Usually companies do in under “Low performers” and “On-Bench” umbrellas.. makes sense to mind, if you can’t perform, why should somebody pay you? Or if you are on bench, and we don’t have work for you, why should we continue to spend on you?
The worse hit are the ones whose project/product got scrapped.. I mean, just because as management, you decided to change your priorities, I, who was performing well, should pay for it…
I know somewhere lines have to be drawn.. But why these lines usually end up on individuals?

I can ramble on and on.. My head understands this logic, but my heart goes out to ones who are suffering..

On the other hand, be happy terrorists don’t know about this..

Imagine, CEO is forced to fire 2000 employees, leading to stock being plummeted beyond every analysts dream.. which in turn will bring all stocks down in that sector.. There you go, more lay offs..
Now this means, so many depressed and desperate people.. you need to pay your mortgage, your kid’s school fee.. you resort to criminal activities.. so does other 1000 people.. result.. plain chaos..
And you thought you needed to kill people by yourself, such a fool you are, Mr. Terrorist

PS: Yes, I know.. I can’t help being more negative in already negative times..


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§ 3 Responses to Economy Crisis.. Terrorists.. and Lay Offs

  • suudhan says:

    oye oye.. don’t give more ideas.. we are already having enough i guess…

  • Eric Wilde says:

    Luckily I was able to travel this past week. It was great seeing you.

    Layoffs are tough, no doubt. I had to let people on my team go this week as well. The hardest one was the guy who was on paternity leave. His first baby was born exactly one week prior to me having to tell him he no longer had a job. Since he wasn’t in the office I had to call his home and tell him. That really sucked. He was a friend, too. I doubt he’ll ever forgive me. That’s one friend lost forever because of business. If it wasn’t him it would have been someone else on the team. I hope he finds joy and forgetfulness in his child for the next few weeks.

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