Things I just don’t get..

October 20, 2008 § 5 Comments

Egg-less Mayonnaise
Sugar-free Sugar/Sweets/Chocolate
Fat-free Butter/Cheese/Milk
Egg-less Cake

These are just so Duh… If you can’t eat Eggs due to whatever reason, why cant you let go of Stuff that contains Eggs.. Esp Mayo.. If it doesn’t have Egg in it.. It’s just not Mayo.. Deal with it and Accept it.
Then if you are so figure conscious or health conscious, Don’t eat Sugar/Butter/Cheese.. Nobody is forcing you to do that.. You want to have perfect figure, then make few sacrifices.. Size 0 is not for everyone.. Show that you deserve the compliments šŸ˜€


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§ 5 Responses to Things I just don’t get..

  • BlueMist says:

    What’s wrong if sweetner gives you same taste as of sugar but less calories ? It is good to eat healthy way just not the matter of figure or zero size !!

    • Another Dreamer says:

      Sweetners are not that healthy (in the end, they are just chemicals).. And one does need bit of sugar to stay healthy.. Just don’t over-do it.. in which case every thing would be unhealthy..

  • disgusted says:

    do you know how many products contain eggs in them? My eleven month old daughter is allergic to eggs, so should she not have a birthday cake for her first birthday? or mabey i should put mustard on her sandwitches Im sure babys love mustard right.or mabey she should just deal with it

    • Another Dreamer says:

      Well.. To be frank I didn’t know people are allergic to eggs.. but then again, is there a medical or health reason that she should be eating cake or mayo..
      My post was more for people trying to diet or be veg and yet not control their basic need of certain food group..

  • Komila says:

    Thats gross !! eggless mayo.. or a sugarfree sugar..

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