Updating Firefox

October 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

ScribeFire has been updating itself for long..
Posting is clearly better now, with all new custom tag support.. better interface..
But this launching Ad page each time on both ScribeFire and my Firefox is sooo irritating.. I think this might be one of the last posts from this plug-in..

On other Hand, Last.fm Add-On is certainly rocking.. All I do is put my station as Recommendations and based on my saved list of artists in last.fm website, it keeps streaming songs.. no Media required.. This One definitely gets Thumbs Up..

Then You have Tab Aging.. Unused tabs keep fading off.. Nice.. 😀

And My latest favorite of Add-Ons is Foxmarks.. As I use about 3-4 different machines, synchronization of bookmarks is always an issue.. Now all I do is log in to foxmarks and it updates my bookmarks list.. Headache of importing bookmarks before each machine reset gone… heaven!!!

Enough of Geek Talk.. C ya Laters..

PS: Don’t forget to update your flash player.. FP10 is much better and you would definitely need it once I post Updates about latest Kuler Website (Capital ‘K’ was deliberate, kuler is now ‘Kuler’ :P)


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